Friday, January 28, 2011


WOW! To think I am in Celestia already on my Balance xD Well let's forget about Celestia for a second and focus on Malistaire Drake. So I got the quest to go battle Malistaire and I did... Sadly I didn't get what I wanted....  Someone who I was with (or me on their wiz) got what they wanted though.... xD  So here is how it goes...
Long ago, well more like 10 minutes ago; 3 brave Wizards set out to confront and defeat the evil Malistaire Drake. The 3 brave heros were Blaze Shadowhorn (balance), Alex Hawk (fire), and Brahm Deathwraith.
These brave wizards wandered deep into Malistaires lair to confront him... It took a lot of will and might to defeat the evil Malistaire but nothing is to hard for the tremendous 3! Blaze got a Malistaire robe for a Life wizard which he was not;  Brahm got a few pet snacks (as usual) and Alex... Lucky Alex got the honor from Malistaire to take the step to awsomeness... He got.... the Stormhound! Donn, Donn, Donn..... He was stunned by the honor of this egg (Stormsquall egg) he didn't know what to do! He realized that he should get out of Malistaire's Layer before he reconsidered it. By the time he returned to his dorm room (he was to lazy to equipt his  home) his egg hatched! A baby Stormhound was given life! The world lived happily ever after (except Malistaire, because he is dead because we killed him 

Here are some pictures of my adventure xD 

~Warehouse Wand~

Ok, so I was doing my quest in the Drake Hatchery for the Warehouse (balance wiz). My Ice wizard always used to farm for the wand. The wand is called "Redwind's Viridian Blade".  It looks identical to "The Saber of the Gallium Paladin" I currently do posses Gallium Paladins wand but I want the Redwinds wand soooooo much!!! Well here is what I have been getting at this whole time... I was doing the dungeon with my Balance wiz, Alex, and Brahm. Alex and I got normal items from the boss when lucky Brahm got the Redwinds Wand!!! I was flipping out cause He got it lol! Congrats to him but I still want it lol. I'm sooooo jealous! Here is a picture of it xD 

~Hydra Hatching~

It might be luck... or it might be skill but getting 3 hybrid pets in a row, thats pretty awesome xD I was on my Balance and I was hatching my Hydra with my Colossus and I was soooo fortunate to get.... the Creeper pet xD it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! But thats not all!!! I also hatched with my Alex Hawk's Helephant and I got...  Helion!!! I was so excited! Then I was in the hatchery looking for a Stormzilla to hatch with, so I would have all of the elemental Hydra Hybrids... I found one and I got the Leviathan pet xD Don't confuse it with the level 58 Storm spell leviathan but it is somewhat the same... This pet is a purple Hydra xD I can't wait for it to hatch!!!

Picture 1 is Creeper; Picture 2&3 are Helion; Picture 4 is of my Leviathan egg

~Balance Blaze Level 48!~

Let me start off by saying this.... U haven't blogged in a while so this is from a few weeks ago...
WOW! Time flies soooo quick lol. Just yesterday I was a noob and look at me now!!! LEVEL 48 BABY!!! Yes, I got Power Nova and the Hydra pet which rock but what surprised me was how quick the quest was... It had no hard bosses to fight and I was sort of disappointed. Here is my YouTube video of me doing the quest.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


AYKARAMBA!!! So yesterday I was in the hatchery and I was just looking around and changing realms... I come up on realm Vampire and this guy has a Stormzilla and he ask's me if I want to hatch. I was cautious because I hatched with a Stormzilla many times before and I didn't want to risk 32,000 Gold again... I thought to myself that I wasn't going to find a better hatch so I took chances. I hatched with the Stormzilla and guess what I got... A WINTERBORN EGG!!!!!!!!!! You might not see this as such an exciting thing, but I do!!! Every time I hatched I got a Frost-Shelled Egg (except for Ice Oni) which became a Colossus, But this time I knew it was something different!!! I was kind of expecting a Icezilla because the guy said that was what it gave but turns out we both got.... STORMWARDEN!!!!!!!!! It is the coolest Colossus ever!!! Look at it, then you can say it is not cool!!! xD

Friday, January 7, 2011

~Gardening Rank Up~

WOW!!! I have ranked up so many levels in gardening over the past week or two that it's UNBELIEVABLE!!! Currently I am a rank 5 but I am working up to rank 10 to get the level 48 Pest Control spell xD Look at a few of my rank ups xD

~Me and My Elders~

So like my elders are pretty awsome  I have had sooooo many elders it's not even funny lolz xD You get soooo much xp from elder lolz xD These are only some of my elders xD