Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Going AFK from blogging for a few days~

Hey guys! So tomorrow, my family from California is flying in so I won't be able to blog as much. I am just gonna type up a few posts today and schedule them so they post in the days to come. Anyways so if your on twitter and you follow me you probably know I was in New York. I am gonna make a post about that soon. I have *counts* a lot of pictures that I will be posting. It is gonna ROCK! Oh and only 4 more days till the 4th of July party!!! Cya then and remember the party info is the following:

  • Time - 9pm-12am Eastern Time
  • Pickup-Ice Tower
  • Realm-Scarecrow
  • Area-1

My other wizard (Blaze Shadowhorn Storm level 1) will be in the Ice tower the whole time waiting for guests to arrive so he can take them to the party

~R.I.P. Heater Emeraldflame~

Ok so most of you knew about the well-known Heather Emeraldflame. Well sometime last year she passed away... She was an idol to all Wizards throughout the Spiral and she was a big influence on me. Although I never got the chance to meet her, her blog helped me a lot. She will always remain in our thoughts and we shall all remember her for who she was and what she did for the community.

Here is the link to her blog:

~Ravenwood Ball Slideshow~

Ok so I have been wondering how many Wizards had these picture slideshows instead of having 5-20 pictures in a post like I do sometimes lol. So I did some research and I found this program you download and you can input the pictures and edit them etc. Anyways I decided to make a Ravenwood Ball slideshow to show all the amazing pictures I took:

Ravenwood Ball 6.25.11Ravenwood Ball 6.25.11

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~New Site In The Spiral~

Hey guys! So right now I am posting this on 6/28/11 at 4:36 pm EST but you wont be reading this till tomorrow 6/29/11. You might be wondering why I did this. Well the reason is because I am in the Big Apple. That's right... NEW YORK BABY! XD I took a trip with my family and I got to bring a friend so we are shopping, going to a play maybe, visiting family etc. Well anyways on to the real post.

So I came across this new site which I find very cool and awesomeness. This blog is run by a Legendary Thaumaturge named Alexander Lionheart. It is very cool and I encourage you to check it out.
Here is the link to Alexander's site:!__my-website

Cya in the Spiral,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Limited Time Only Pet and 4th of July Party~

Sup Wizzy peoples!!! So as you have probably heard, Wizard101 has come out with a new pet in honor of independence day and the 4th of July! So you remember my post on Friendly and his pet-a-palooza post and the sneak pet at 14 second part. Well that pet has finally come to the Spiral!!! Introducing the Patriotic Leprechaun!!! It costs 2,500 Crowns but it is worth it because it has a 58 Pedigree and it gives 1 Satyr card XD
It is sweet for all you Wizards attending my 4th of July party. Speaking of my party, we have 200+ Wizards going!!! I have a good 300+ cards left over from the Ravenwood Ball for prizes and I hope to give them all out XD I am going to be giving out many many Treasure Cards to for the following contests/reasons:

  • If someone has the new Patriotic Leprechaun and they approach me and show me the pet, they will receive a few cards.
  • I will be having a PvP tournament
  • I will be having a best dressed contest. Whoever has the best 4th of July themed outfit wins
For the best dressed contest, the prizes are as follows:
1st Place - 30 Cards and a KI free games code
2nd Place - 15 Cards and a KI free games code
3rd Place - a KI free games code

I hope to see you all there! Here is a picture of the Patriotic Leprechaun:

Limited Time Only - The Patriotic Leprechaun!
A new pet has landed in the spiral, and he loves to dance! The Patriotic Leprechaun is available for a limited time only, and is ready to run around the derby and play some mini games. Bring him to your Wizard101 4th of July house parties!

~60+ followers, 200+ posts, 15,000 views~

WOW! What a milestone! We have accomplished sooooo much so far! Here is what has recently happened:

  • We reached 60+ followers
  • We have 15,000 views
  • We have 200+ posts
Aren't these amazing accomplishments!!! I was so excited when I saw these. Anyways this is all big and all but your probably wondering if I am going to host a contest like I did for the 40 followers, and the 100th post. Well I am happy to inform you but you are correct!!! I am going to be hosting a contest which I don't know exactly what I am going to do but they will be big prizes. I am talking a KI free games code and 50+ Cards (all rare)!!!  That is just one of the many prizes I would give away. If you really want to have a fun time with huge prizes and enjoying yourself at the same time, you should attend my 4th of July party! It will have 200+ Wizards attending from all across the Spiral. The party will  be featuring:
  • Many famous Wizards including Friendly, Bailey, Edward Lifegem, Fin and Quinn, X and Z, Pyromancer Jonathan, The Elementalists, and many more! 
  • We will be giving away 600+ Treasure Cards as prizes
  • We will be having a PvP tournament (win prizes)
  • A 4th of July dress up contest. Whoever is the best 4th of July themed dressed wins cards. (3 winners)
  • Anyone who comes with the new Patriotic Leprechaun gets a few cards FREE!!! (if you don't know what the pet is and how to get it, view my other post here.
Now isn't that sweet!!! Here is the party information:
Time - 9pm-12am Eastern Time
Pickup-Ice Tower

My other wizard (Blaze Shadowhorn Storm level 1) will be in the Ice tower the whole time waiting for guests to arrive so he can take them to me.

I hope to see you there!

Oh and you can view the Facebook event page at:

~Airship House~

heyo! It's Riccccco! muahahahaha!!! Nah it's Blaze XD Ok so last week, Mark Stormhunter from the Elementalists and I hung out along with my IRL bro Alex. I asked Mark to show me his airship house which I literally thought was a giant floating airship! I imagined it as a Blimp but yea it wasn't that realistic... It was still far beyond my expectations :D It was absolutely marvelous! He had an amazing structure. Instead of me describing it to you, bellow is a video I recorded so you can visually see it:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

~Ravenwood Ball so far and the conclusion~

Yo wizzys! So as you know, today is the day of the RAVENWOOD BALL!!! I have been in Ravenwood since 8:00 Eastern Time. SOOOOO many people are already at Ravenwood kickin back and talking to other Wizards to pass the time. I have been hanging out with Edward Lifegem and Mark Stormhunter and we have been relaxing etc. Earlier today, Mark helped me with my house. We checked it out, made sure everything looked nice. We also made a Scavenger Hunt!!! Here is how it works:

There are 10 Scrolls hidden inside the house and 10 scrolls hidden outside the house. The first person to correctly show me the location of all 20 Scrolls will receive some amazing treasure cards! Correction. Due to the amount of treasure cards we have recieved from Wizards, we will be able to  have multiple winners!!! Here are the Wizards who contributed Treasure Cards to give as prizes

  • Edward Lifegem
  • Luke Goldhorn
  • Mark Stormhunter
  • Travis Titantheif
  • Rebecca Sparklehunter
  • Patrick Dreamfinder
Here is a video I recorded. The link is on Livestream:

7 hours later...

 Wow! This has been an amazing party! I am so glad I got to take part in the Ravenwood Ball this year. It has been such an amazing experience. My party has already ended so I am currently at another party. I am doing PvP with Timmothy Lighttalon and Edward Spellcaster. We have been doing this PvP for a good hour probably. My Snake in a Basket has used Sprite non stop. He used it twice in one round :P  Right now 2/4 people on my PvP team are dead :(

Anyways during my party, I had many Wizards there, some famous, some not. I had Friendly, Bailey, Fallon Shadowblade, Luke Goldhorn, Pyromancer Jonathan, Diana Wildheart, Paige Moonshade, Morgrim Battlegem, Amber Rosepetal and many other Wizards. I had a good 30-40 Wizards there. Not the full 100 I was hopping for but it was a Community event so thats life :P So for my contest I had 3 winners. 1 winner found all 20 scrolls. Then people became lazy so I had to change it to find 5 outside and 5 inside. I gave out sooooo many treasure cards! I am saving the last 200 for my 4th of July Party! It is going to be huge!!!!!! :D 

Here is a Livestream video I recorded about the Ravenwood Ball:

Here is a Livestream video that the Ravenwood Radio crew recorded about last years Ravenwood Ball:

Well that's all I have for this post... To conclude this post all I have to say is thank you Fallon Shadowblade for another amazing party and gratz to Diary of a Wizard on it's Birthday!!!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Me Ed and Mark

Me Ed Mark and Morgrim

Me Taylor and  Matthew

Fire Elf Army

Guy who looked like Kevin Battleblood

my party

my party

my party

my party with friend who ported who was Balance :P

Quinn in front of Talos :P

my party with Amber, and Diana

Casting a Balance Spell

my party

my party

my party

See ya in the Spiral!
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Friday, June 24, 2011

~Limited Time Sale For 1st Time Members!!!~

Hey guys! So if you are a newbie Wizard, Wizard101 is having a sale where you can get your 1st month Wizard101 membership 50% OFF!!! That's a sweet offer! You would be able to get your first month membership for $4.95!!!!!! Although the membership goes back to normal one month pricing after the first month, I would still take advantage of this offer and get this now!!! Here is the Wizard101 page on this (direct from Wizard101 Promotions page:

A Lot of Magic for a Little Price!
Limited Time Sale for First Time Members!

Now is the perfect time to purchase your first Wizard101 Membership.

Accounts becoming a monthly Member for the first time with a valid credit card receive the first month for only $4.95! That's a savings of 50% off a regular priced monthly Membership!
  1. This promotion can be used with Family accounts
  2. After 1 month, Memberships automatically renew at regular price*
  3. Excludes purchases with Gift Certificates or PrePaid Cards

Hurry - this special ends at 11:59pm Central US Time, on June 29 2011!

* regular priced Memberships are $9.95 a month or $6.95 a month each for Family accounts

All transactions are billed immediately and your payment method will be billed each time your Membership renews. You may modify your Membership status at any time through "My Accounts".

~Ravenwood Ball Is TOMORROW!!!~

WOOT!!! I am sooooooo excited because tomorrow is..... THE RAVENWOOD BALL OF 2011!!! I am so excited to attend the main party and host a mini-party! For those of you who don't know the party info it is as follows:
When: June 25th
Time: 6pm-8pm Central Time
Location: Ravenwood 
Realm/Area: Vampire area 1

This is gonna be a blast!!! Here is what I am going to be wearing:

Nice eh XD It is a very nice outfit I picked out. Mark from The Elementalists has a nice Dragonspyre themed outfit. Edward Lifegem has a green (old spain) themed outfit for his life and what he wore last year for his Myth. Here is Ed's clothing:

Life Outfit

Myth Outfit

So now that you have a good idea of what Wizards are wearing to the Ravenwood Ball, why don't you run over to Bazaar or your local clothing vendor and buy yourself a nice outfit for the Ravenwood Ball. Fin from Fin and Quinn still doesn't know what to wear. Vote here to pick what Fin should wear.

Here are a few videos about the Ravenwood Ball: 

~Test Realm Online and New Malistaire Cutscene~

Yo wizzys! Blaze here and if you haven't noticed yet... the Test Realm is back online! Their are many new things you can do in the Test Realm. If your like me and you don't have the crowns in-game to get the Mastery Amulets, buy pets and houses, mega-snack packs, and Dragon's Hoard packs, you can use the 50,000 crowns you are given to do that! Alex Brahm and I put our 50,000 crowns together and got 150,000 crowns. We then spent that large amount of 150,000 crowns on Dragon's Hoard card packs. Well technically I spent a few crowns to get the new Sandman pet and a few mega-snack packs. Anyways combined we got 375 Dragons Hoard card packs!!! Now as Stephen Spiritcaller stated on Episode 43 of Ravenwood Radio, quote "I could open up a Dragon House item utility store and never run out of inventory!!!" Now thats how we are but 3x more! I had to use 4 different Wizards for it just on my account because I filled up the Backpack, Bank, and Shared Bank.

In other news, a new cutscene has been added to the Spiral! First it was Grandmother Raven's cutscene but now *drum roll starts* introducing the new Malistaire Cutscene!!! Now when you reach the final battle in Dragonspyre and you find Malistaire, a cutscene starts. It fades in on Cyrus Drake appearing and talking to Malistaire. After that happens, Cyrus makes Sylvia (Malistaires dead wife) appear. Malistaire is like "how dare you evoke my beloved Sylvia." and then Sylvia and Cyrus disappear. Finally the cutscene goes back to Malistaire's face and then you can start your battle.

Isn't that cool!!!!! Well for those of you, *cough cough* like me and don't want to do the Malistaire instance, you can just watch the YouTube video bellow of the cutscene. Make sure to head over to the Test Realm Crown Shop and purchase your stuff today! :)

Enjoy the Test Realm!!! Here is the video (all credit goes to Helpful Wizard):

Here are some pictures of my Test Realm experience: