Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small and Simple

Hey guys! Well yea i'm back :D This is a quick short post to say hi but this is not my real "I'm Back" post. I start school tomorrow but I just want to say....


Thanks to all of you readers who keep my going. With out you my blog would be long gone.

So yea. Just had to put out those quick things but keep checking back daily for new posts and info on the 100 Followers Contest which is still in the process of brainstorming :P

Until then, this is Blaze Shadowhorn signing off on yet another post :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

~Here today, Gone Tomorrow/New Blog Updates!~

Hey guys! Well tomorrow I am leaving for a week long over-night. This means I wont be back till next Sunday which means a few things:

  1. I wont be able to post *cries* :(
  2. I am missing Spiral Live Episode 2
Even though those are great losses, I'm gonna be at a camp area and this year Alex is coming!!! But anyways, enough about me and more about the blog XD

Today, with the help of my co-host on Spiral Live, Nicholas Lionrider, Lionriderking and I made huge updates to the blog XD If you noticed we changed many things. I got rid of the left side toolbar to make posts bigger so I can post better pictures and make better and easier to read posts. I got rid of tons of apps that were making the blog very very slow and now.... It is 5x quicker then it originally was!!! It can load completely in 10+ seconds! I added some of the items to the end of the right toolbar and I added a lot of items to the bottom of the page.

Basically I totally remodeled the blog and all just for you, my viewers *audience goes "awwww"* :) (and myself ;) Anyways I will see you all next week and make sure to tune into Spiral Live Episode 2 on 8/27/11 which is this Saturday. You will be able to view it at the following link:

Thanks for reading my post :)

~Wizard101 Comes To China~

Soooooo Wizard101 is expanding to CHINA!!! They are expecting an extra lot lot of players and almost doubling the current amount of players! Anyways, here is the info directly from (China Post):

PLANO, TEXAS (August 17, 2011) – KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning online game Wizard101, today announced an agreement with Taomee Holdings Limited (NYSE:TAOM), one of China’s leading children’s entertainment and media companies, to launch Wizard101 in China.

“This announcement marks a critical milestone in our efforts to bring Wizard101 to a global audience,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “We are thrilled by the opportunity to share the magic of Wizard101 with an enormous new community of players.”

Today’s news builds on KingsIsle’s previous announcement that Wizard101 would be available in Europe through an agreement with German online games publisher Gameforge.

In July 2011, KingsIsle announced that Wizard101 has grown to over 20 million registered players since its U.S. launch in September 2008. That total excludes registrations from the game’s localized European editions, which are now available in the UK and Germany and will continue to roll out across other European countries.

“Wizard101 is one of the most successful online family entertainment titles in the world,” said Benson Wang, Co-founder and CEO of Taomee Holdings Limited. “We are delighted to bring this amazing magical adventure to our growing audience of tens of millions of online game enthusiasts.”

KingsIsle Entertainment specializes in creating online games that families can play and enjoy together. Over the last three years, has become one of the leading online destinations for tweens, teens and families, attracting over 13 million unique visitors in July 2011.

Taomee Holdings Limited operates one of the largest online entertainment communities for children in China as measured by market share and active accounts. The company is focused on creating online experiences for families that are fun, safe and trusted by parents. A localized version of Wizard101 for the Chinese market is expected to arrive in 2012. 

About Taomee Holdings Limited 

Taomee Holdings Limited is one of the leading children's entertainment and media companies in China with a mission to create exceptional entertainment experiences for children that are fun, safe and trusted by parents. Taomee has created online virtual worlds with enduring and iconic characters, images and story lines that have resonated and attracted a loyal following among children between the ages of 5 and 15 in China. As of July 2010, Taomee was ranked as the largest online entertainment community for children in China measured by market share and active accounts, according to a report from iResearch. Taomee has expanded into offline business by licensing its franchises to other media formats including books, films and television and makers of consumer products targeting children.

About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101, KingsIsle’s flagship property, received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards. Wizard101 was named Best MMO of 2010 by Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine, Best Family MMO of the Decade by and the #1 Best Family Game of 2009 by The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

KingsIsle and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

~Test Realm Closed, Wysteria Opened/New Updates~

WYSTERIA IS LIVE!!! Yeaya! So Test Realm closed and Wysteria hence the post title :P It is very cool and I am actually going to be getting crowns SOON! Yea it's been a while since I have had crowns....

Anyways Wintertusk is on and there are so many more things then there were in Test Realm. Here is a list of all the new things:

  • Wysteria in general :P
  • New Spells
  • House Teleporters
  • (2) New Houses
  • A new Card Pack!
Introducing the Wyvern's Hoard pack! It is amazing! It has 3 different outfits that you can get from it. A PvP outfit specifically for PvP, a healing outfit with amazing healing stats, and a outfit that specializes in pet energy and gardening. 

These outfits look SWEET!!! I would love to get all of them. Here check out what it looks like! They are like Treantish with amazing stats. The pvp gives amazing resist and stats while the healing one (level 60) gives good stats and two Satyr cards! 

After that, there is a special mount (no shocker but shocking) that comes with the Wyvern's Hoard pack. It is like the Bone Dragon comes with the Dragon's Hoard pack, introducing..... The Festive Wyvern Mount in 5 different colors!!! That means that there is a higher chance of getting it rather then the Bone Dragon. Here is a picture I took of a Festive Wyvern in the commons:

In my opinion... That was totally wicked!!! (Little Kid from Incredibles movie ;)

Also you can get lots of house items along with the new.... Teleporters!!! They come in 8 different colors. You can either buy them in the crown shop for 2,500 Crowns or a pack to receive 6 of them for 9,500 Crowns, or you can craft them! Yea you heard me right! Crafting teleporters. They cost 26,000 gold for the recipe which you can get in Celestia. Each recipe has 2 unique items it requires to craft it. You need 7 of a specific Treasure Card and lots of those old reagents like black lotus and scrap iron etc. I actually just bought the Yellow Teleporter recipe and I only need 3 more scrap iron to craft it! I would have gotten the blue teleporter (due to blue being my favorite color) but I would have to go farming for items and cards. Yea I know.... The recipes require golden pearls and sun stone; Well for me that's not a problem! I have 24 Golden Pearls along with 10+ Sun Stone.

Anyways I hope you all go out and enjoy the new updates and I highly encourage you to get some Wyvern's Hoard packs and get some of those amazing items XD Try for the Dragons ;)

Well that's the end of my post but if you would like to read more you can view the official Post on the new Wyvern's Hoard pack here.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out Spiral Live Episode 2 next Saturday at 8:30 EST. CITS,

Friday, August 19, 2011

~Blog Updates~

Quick post. I'm going to make a lot of new blog updates in the coming 2 weeks.


Sorry that this is a old post but..... We'v had the
  • Pet-A-Palooza
  • Mount-A-Palooza
and now.... With out further a do.... Introducing the House-A-Palooza!!! All houses in the Crown shop are now 50% OFF!

There are also a lot of new housing items in the crown shop which you can actually buy for gold! Actually... There are 50+ new items to buy!

It is huge! Also, many contests are being held where you can win houses etc. I have entered the DoaW contest.

Here is the official Post - Click Here
Don't forget to check out all the new contests by the Official Bloggers:

Monday, August 15, 2011

~Spiral Live Review(s)~

Well last night was the first episode of Spiral Live. It was epic. At first the chatroom and all our viewers had no idea what to expect then after a few minutes we began. We had viewers waiting for over an hour before WE showed up. They were all in our chatroom at around 7:30 Eastern. They really seemed to enjoy it and our new thing that everyone knows who has watched the first episode. Ethan the sound guy! Seriously we had everyone chanting that all night.
 Later at the after party everyone wanted to add me and Blaze I felt like Ditto at the Ravenwood Ball! Then later Stephen Spirit Caller dropped in and I thought everyone would crowd around him but maybe one or two people talked to him. The rest were talking with my Brother, Ethan, Blaze or Me. I thought it was really cool. We got some good PvP's after, but since the afterparty was also live Blaze forgot to turn off the screen and so everyone in the chatroom who was facing him knew what spell him and his team were going to use.  I also want to thank Deathy Wiz for that awesome interview after our intermission. He was really calm and I thought he would be nervous since he didn't know he would be on the show. But our plan went great and we stuck to the scedule. The Livestream kept shutting off a few times and so we had to put it into three parts but other then that it was fine. No Mic problems except Blaze was a little quiet. 
Our powerpoint everyone enjoyed and I thought that was awesome. I also want to thank our contest winner of the KI Free Game code Drop Echo who won the KI Free game code of 38,540 points on Dueling Diego. Please tell us what you won we would love to hear from you. Also we had so many advertisments set for episode 2 already that I am not sure if we will get to them all. Music videos I am not sure about for Episode 2 since Blaze won't be here. But that's nothing to worry about because we have two co hosts that could help me out that day in mind. They are Talon ThunderBlade and Deathy Wiz that you met yesterday. So stay tuned in for more Spiral Live news. Until then ETHAN THE SOUND GUY! :D 
 -Nicholas Lionrider

Anyways that's an overview of the show from Nick but look at this review from Wizard101 Press!

"The Spiral is buzzing because the Spiral just went LIVE! 15 Wizard101 Press members including me were listening in, we all usually make a review and combine them. This time we went on the Xbox Live Server (we cant make a group that big on Skype ) and just couldn't decide. The first time in the history of Wizard101 Press, we cant make a formal review. So we all made words to define Spiral Live, today 8/14/11, we took 4 hour of talking,NO ONE COULD AGREE! We all! ALL! Had the kinda same review. WE ALL LOVED THE SHOW! So we stopped and made a word, 


So after we make a review, in this case word we make a grade. Sigh. It was an A. We here are so weird at Wizard101 Press. 
Jack Icecaster: "A++++"
Alexander Firegem: "A+, Standard!"
Myself: "Homerun! A++"

Voice of reason:

Malorn Skyrider: "Triple A, AAA"

Rating of Spiral Live, first time ever:

Anyways, here is the link to our Livestream where you can watch Episode 1 of Spiral Live :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

~Spiral Live Tonight!!!~

WOOT! Spiral Live Episode 1 is tonight! We are expecting a good 140+ Wizards to listen in. Here is the info:

8:30 EST (Eastern)
7:30 CDT (Central)
5:30 PST (Pacific)
6:30 MDT (Mountain)

You can view the livestream on our website or our livestream.

Site -​ivepodcast/spiral-live#!li​sten-live

Livestream -​spirallive?t=944828

Cya there!

Friday, August 12, 2011


WOOT!!!! I hit 20,000 views!!!! Thanks to all of you viewers for making it possible :D You guys are my motivation to keep posting. Thanks again and don't forget to listen into Spiral Live tomorrow night (8/13/11) at 8:30 EST.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

~I'm Back/Spiral Live/New Pet/Teleporters~

Hey guys! I'm back and I have a LOT to tell. Ok so I have limited time so I am going to make this quick.

  1. I am not on during the weekdays because I can't lol. Rarely I am on on weekdays. Weekends I'm on
  2. Spiral Live, Episode 1, goes live this Saturday!!! WOOT! Tune in at 8:30 EST
  3. New Samoorai pet in the crowns shop. It costs 7,500 Crowns. Click Here
  4. Test Realm Teleporters. You can craft teleporters like the CL teleporters to go from house to house etc. It is sweet! Expensive recipe though. Click Here for Paige's post.

Sorry for the terrible post  but I am rushing cause I gtg. As you know it is a weekday :P Cya XD

Monday, August 8, 2011

~My Cousin Playing Wiz!~

Yes... My cousin is now playing Wizard101 XD He is from Canada. His Wizard is Mitchell Dragonstaff. He is in the school of Balance. As of today he is level 6. It is pretty sweet to have another family member playing wiz besides Alex :P So far Mitchell has some amazing friends! When he first created his Wizard, I was next to him and then Talon Thunderblade, Mark Stormhunter, and Isaac Stormflame ported and decided to help us level up Mitchell XD It was very generous of them to also add Mitchell.

Nicholas Lionrider and I were talking and thinking about Canadian gift cards that Mitchell could get. The only Canadian cards there are are the Massive Fantasy Palace and Sultans Palace. They are very expensive being priced at $40 a piece. If you ever see Mitchell just say hi :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

~Spiral Live Episode 1~

Spiral Live Episode 1 is next Saturday 8/13/11!!! How exciting! It is run by myself (Blaze Shadowhorn) and Nicholas Lionrider.  Tonight, Nick and I did a rehearsal which lasted about an hour and a half. It was really fun to practice our 1st podcast but we messed around a lot :P Those of you Skype Wizards who watched know what I mean ;) DeathyWiz (Justin Shadowblade) and Jason Storm (Wizard101 Press) were with us watching the podcast. They were mentioned a few times and actually as I am typing up this post I am next to Justin in wiz :P

To keep in-touch with us (Spiral Live), you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and check out our website XD

Anyways here is the info for Spiral Live Episode 1:

The 1st ever Spiral Live episode! Saturday 8/13/11. Make sure to tune in at:
8:30 EST (Eastern)
7:30 CDT (Central)
5:30 PST (Pacific)
6:30 MDT (Mountain)

We hope to see you there :)
You can view the livestream on our website or our livestream.

Site -​ivepodcast/spiral-live#!li​sten-live

Livestream -​spirallive?t=944828

Friday, August 5, 2011

~Test Realm Open, New World - Wysteria!~

Hey guys! Well the Test Realm is live again and it is sweet! There is a new world called Wysteria. I have not ventured into it yet but many Wizards have. Here are 2 links to Wysteria info:
Here is a Wysteria post courtesy of Edward Lifegem:
"Hello Wizards!
Today I just noticed that the test realm was released! Now, I haven't been having too much fun before the test realm was released. Before I wasn't really wanting to get on wizard101, until today! Today I decided to test out the new world, Wysteria. If you ask me, it is a very nice world, and It actually made me feel like I was a new wizard when I first started playing it. When you first start wizard101 you talk to all of the professors and they are all new to you, well you also talk to all of the professors in Wysteria!

Here is one of the professors that I decided to take a picture of. There are 4 professors in Wysteria! It was fun talking to them, just like talking to the professors when you start wizard101. I think the best part of this was that I did seeing Pegasus horse in this new world! They also mentioned them as being mounts when reading a quest! I took a photo of this mount so everyone could see!

I am glad they did make a mount like that! I hope it will be released soon if it is a mount. Knowing that we don't have them right now, I am sure they will be released soon if they mentioned it in a quest. Also, don't forget, in the quest in Marleybone, Celestia was mentioned. Since this mount was mentioned, maybe it will become a mount soon! That would be very awesome. I would take the one in front of me since it matches my school. It would be awesome if there was one for each school, and all of them would look different!

------------End Of Blog Post----------
This may be a spoiler alert for those who don't want to see. So do read this if you don't want to find out the story line of Wysteria just yet. During this story line, It really did seem that the headmaster of this school was really blaming Professor Ambrose, and talking bad about how Ravenwood School of Magical arts was. When she was talking about Ambrose, and the school I kept thinking that maybe she was the bad one. Throughout the story line it kept getting mysterious! Another one I thought was bad was Randolf, he kept saying he was going to win the competition, and when the reward was stolen, I thought that he may of been the one to frame me for stealing it, and he could have won from me being disqualified from this competition.. Until the very end, The Earth teacher was the one who did frame me, but he was under a spell, and I finally saved him!

After this very long story line, I finally won the reward, defeating the last of this competition!IF there is a next year for this, I will make sure I will win it again! Don't worry about that one! :)
Well, You finally made it to the end of the blog post. I hope you enjoyed this post, and here are a couple of other photos of the new world if you would like to look at them. Oh and maybe there will be more of a story line to this some time later. I really did enjoy this Kingsisle, and thanks for bringing back Wizard to Wizard101!
~ Edward Lifegem

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~Paige Moonshade Dorm Contest Winners Announced~

Hey guys! Paige has finally revealed the winners for the Dorm contest! Sadly I have not won but our very own Mark Stormhunter from the Elementalists has won! He won 3rd place which gives:

  • A Storm House
  • 10,000 Crowns
  • Umbra Sword
Those are some sweet prizes! Gratz Mark XD Well if you want to know who won the rest of the prizes click on the link bellow. Congrats to all the winners! You deserve it :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~Ice Beetle~

WOAH! New Ice Beetle pert say what! Yea thats right. A new pet has been discovered! Introducing the Ice Beetle XD It looks sweet. If anyone knows how to get it please tell me :P Thanks and here is a picture of the awesomely awesome Ice Beetle pet:
Sorry this is a short blog post but I am posting this from the past *cue spooky music ;P* I am pretty tired so I just had to make this short. Cya XD

Monday, August 1, 2011

~Interview With Autumn Dreamwalker~

This week I would like to show you something extremely awesome that my friend Blaze Shadowhorn of My Wizard101 Site did in his Sultan's Palace. He made his own fairgrounds, complete with mini games! 

View of the fairgrounds complete with trees, a pond and
three mini games.
Blaze was nice enough to let me into his house (twice) to take pictures. He also took the time to talk to me about how he came up with his idea and the challenges he faced during the construction of this amazing place he created. You can find our conversation below.  

View from the entrance of the

Where did you get the idea to make a fairgrounds?
Well Autumn, I got the idea from a friend lol. I was helping them in their Massive Fantasy Palace with putting the mini-games in the tents and I showed them (how) and then I was like. WOAH! I could make a fairgrounds! It was a pretty cool idea and I wanted to expand on it.

 Which mini games did you use? 

One of three mini games
For the mini-games I used, Hot Shots (came with Sultan's Palace) and 2 other games that were generously donated to the fairgrounds by Sean Dragonflame. He runs the blog the Balanced Blizzard. I highly suggest you check it out because he has good info and it is very helpful. 

How did you get the mini games inside the tents?
Well to get the mini-games in the tents I used a rug glitch I learned from Malorn Ghostrider. It is very cool. You can find the link to the post here.

 What glitches did you use to make the hedge border?  The hedge border was kinda tricky to be honest. I had to use the cheat I spoke of above plus I had to make my own. Since there is the area that goes downward, I had to use the simple rug cheat with the blue trim rug under the hedges. I also had to position them with the rugs so they connected and there would be no gaps in-between. 

What was the most challenging part of making the fairgrounds?
I kinda have to say that the most challenging part of the fairgrounds was the sizing *chuckles*. Yea most people think the rug cheats, or the hedges would be the hardest but sizing it to make everything fit was what took the longest lol. I had to mess with it a few times to make it bigger. It was originally half the size of what it is today! 

Which items did you have to craft?

Wow where do I start! Well I had to craft a total of 3+ items and I am also going to craft the Carousel and replace the fountain with it. Well, I guess I should stop talking about that and get onto the answer ;) I had to craft 2 Moon Banners, and a Brick-Walled Pond. It was pretty fun actually :)

 Would you mind someone else using your idea?
I wouldn't mind someone using my idea because I feel that it is good to give to the community in the form of ideas etc. It actually is kinda hard to make the fairgrounds because you need all the mini games. I have 3 mini-games as of now. Dueling Diego, Doodle Doug, and Hot Shots. 

Me and Blaze in front of the fairgrounds entrance.
Awesome job Blaze! I think the place looks amazing, and I am sure most people would agree with me. Thank you for letting me post about it and taking the time to talk with me!