Friday, May 23, 2014

A Quick Catch-up

Hey everyone! So I've been meaning to post a lot lately but I just had finals week and have been very busy. Although I am now done with school, I leave on a 2 month international trip this coming Wednesday so I won't be posting much during this time ether. Now, something just came to my mind regarding why I got back into Wizzy. I tend to try doing too many tasks at the same time and I realized that I can't do everything at once. I figured that since I came back, I will only be posting here and there (when I get the chance to) and will be playing Wizzy when I get the chance. You will see me in Wizzy a lot though if you are on. So yeah, this is just a catch-up post to keep you informed on whats going on.

Hope you all had a nice week!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Astonishing artwork from around the Spiral

Since the release of Wizard101 in 2008 and Pirate101 in 2012, concept art, fan art, and much more have become a huge thing in the community. Artists such as Dave Greco, AluraRB, Swordroll and Frostcaller have shown through with their various forms of art; entertaining and inspiring us all. I've always been a fan of concept art yet I always felt like the images could be enhanced. I took a Digital Photography course this year and learned how to use Photoshop and it opened my eyes to many new possibilities. Mouse in hand, I started working on retouches of images. Enhancing them, making them more "popping" to the eye. Sorry it has been so long since I've posted guys. I've been very busy with school and haven't gotten the chance to finish lengthy posts yet so shorter yet intriguing posts such as this will appear here and there. All artwork bellow does not belong to me. For every image in this post, I have taken the original image and enhanced it to make it more vibrant so I hope you guys enjoy!