Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Play2Crush: Blog Revamp Postponed

Hey everyone! I know you weren't expecting to see any posts on here until January 1st. Well, we've had a sudden change of plans. As you have probably heard, J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton have teamed together to form ArtCraft Entertainment Inc. which has released news and a beta application for their new game (unknown) that the community is calling Play2Crush.

Seeing this opportunity of a new game coming out, I decided to jump on the opportunity with a few other good friends of mine to create a fansite for it and after many many long hours, Knights of the Dragon Rose was formed. As I am spearheading this project, I have to postpone the revamp to probably Mid/Late January as I am giving KDR my 100% right now. Until then, TotS will remain public and I will post here if I get around to it but the majority of my time is going to KDR to improve it and make it even better.

If you haven't done so yet, please go over to KDR and take a look at it! We've got lots of amazing content and team building threads that you are sure to love for the up and coming game by ArtCraft.


Thank you and a happy holidays to you all!

Warmest regards,
Blaze Shadowhorn

Update: Game has been announced as Crowfall. KDR was my "baby-step" if you will as I am now also running the leading Crowfall fansite/forum known as Crush the Throne. I've had to spend the majority of my time there but come mid/late February or March I shall be back posting here on ToTS. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A New Year. A New Site. 2015.

Hello there Wizards and Pirates alike! As you may have noticed, there has been a absence in my posting the past 2 months. Unfortunately I came down with mono in October and was sick in bed for weeks and couldn't go to school or anything. When I got back to school, I had to do my current work plus make up a few weeks worth of assignments and material as well. Not to mention this week has been finals week so the past two months I have only been able to focus on recovering health wise and getting all of my grades in as the Semester closes.

On a brighter note, as the title may hint, I have a huge surprise for you guys in the upcoming 2015 year. Are you curious as to what it may be? Let me give you a few details that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.