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Come connect with me on my various social media platforms to stay up to date on blog posts, YouTube videos, Twitch streams along with much more!

Due to the other work I do both in esports and as an internet personality at large, I cannot guarantee that all of my content outside of Tales of the Spiral will be PG (specifically YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat). However, any Wizard101 stream, video or form of media will always be family friendly.

Twitter is my main form of social media and is used for sharing all of my content. I practically live on Twitter so come have a chat with me and stay up to date on all things going on in the Shadow Realm! Also, if you aren't doing so, I would recommend but cannot require (thanks attorney friends) that you should probably follow my Twitter because I've heard people say I'm a pretty cool dude... Just saying.

Cool houses, guides, Twitch Travels, vlogs and more! Let me share my life and adventures with you. I promise I'm not that boring ;) Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified of all new videos that are coming your way!

While Twitter and YouTube are great, Twitch is even better because it allows me to connect with you guys in real time! Let's do some questing, throw some parties and travel through the Spiral together. Follow so you can be entered for giveaways!

If you want funny memes and content updates while you're scrolling through your Facebook News Feed, like my page! I've been told my meme level is over 9,000 ;)
Here's where the real fun begins. Live Instagram sessions? I got that. 
Aesthetically pleasing photos that took way too long to take? I got that.
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On top of all the cool Snapchat Stories I put out, I also live in Southern California. This means beach, cars, celebrities and more! I love sharing what I'm doing at any given time. If you want a behind-the-scenes look into my life, here's your opportunity! Come follow my Snapchat to see what the hype is about.

The newest addition to the Shadowhorn social media family, Discord. The one and only Shadow Realm. Come meet with other wizards and gamers at large! All Wizard101 channels are 100% family friendly and you can find people to quest with, grind dungeons and so much more! I highly recommend you joining the Shadow Realm Discord because this platform is truly revolutionizing the way gamers communicate and I cannot recommend it enough. Just please read the rules first!


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