Seven Days of KI (Day 4.5): A Miscount?

Let me first say that I have never been good at math... Wednesday to Wednesday is a week... right? Therefore that should be 7 days... right? Therefore that should be 7 posts.... right? Wrong.

Seven Days of KI (Day 4): Blog of the Month

Running a fansite is no easy task and for nearly five years, I've wanted to recognize those who work so hard to bring amazing content to the community. I present to you the Blog of the Month award.

Seven Days of KI (Day 3): A Wizards First Friend

When Tales of the Spiral was in its infancy, I didn't really know anyone in the community. All it took was me hitting 100 posts, throwing a party and because of this, a never-ending friendship was born.

Seven Days of KI (Day 2): A Wizards First Spell

Everyone has a story when it comes to how they first entered the Spiral. For me? The first time I saw Wizard101, I didn't really think it was the game for me... Boy was I wrong.

Seven Days of KI (Day 1): The Announcement

When I first started Tales of the Spiral in September of 2010, I dreamed of one day visiting KingsIsle Entertainment. Today, I'm happy to announce that my dream is becoming a reality.