Seven Days of KI (Day 7): Shadowhorn Takes to Spiral Radio

KingsIsle is now less than 24 hours away and I haven't even started packing yet! I should probably get on that... To "pre-party" this adventure, I'm being interviewed tonight over on Spiral Radio!

Seven Days of KI (Day 6): What to Expect

We're less then 48 hours away from KI! What should you expect to see? Where can you see it? Let me answer all of these questions for you and more!.

Seven Days of KI (Day 5): What is Sleep?

For a young 12 year old Wizard, sleep was a nonexistent part of life. Questing all night until 7am wake up? Check. Sneaking into parents bedroom to get the laptop? Check. What is sleep?

Seven Days of KI (Day 4.5): A Miscount?

Let me first say that I have never been good at math... Wednesday to Wednesday is a week... right? Therefore that should be 7 days... right? Therefore that should be 7 posts.... right? Wrong.

Seven Days of KI (Day 4): Blog of the Month

Running a fansite is no easy task and for nearly five years, I've wanted to recognize those who work so hard to bring amazing content to the community. I present to you the Blog of the Month award.