Eight Years of Blogging - A Cause for Celebration

September 12, 2018 Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Eight years of Spiral blogging. Numerous new friendships. Plenty of parties. Tons of new site headers. Late night farm grinds galore. I think it's time to celebrate, don't you? Party time?

Eight years is a long time... It's crazy to think that many years have passed already! Before we get into discussing party celebrations as one does because come on, parties ftw, let's just take a quick walk down memory lane.

I've said the story a few times now of how the site used to be called mywizard101site when it first launched but did you know there were tons of other variations before we got to Tales of the Spiral? *insert flashback woosh sounds here*

My Fortress of Frost! Oh wait, this is just an iceberg... Um, Bartleby? Did you send me to the wrong world?

Ah yes, the days of not knowing how Gimp worked and trying to make designs that I thought would look cool... It did look pretty epic at the time. Good times, good times.

The beginning of The Transcended Thaumaturge....

The Transcended Thaumaturge has grown on me! I think I'll go back to going by that now... hmmm... And would you look at that, improved Gimp skills! For those of you unsure what Gimp is, it's basically the OG free version of Photoshop. I was horrible at it.

The beginning of Tales of the Spiral. Pirate101 had just come out and I wanted to change from being W101 specific to incorporating both games into the site. I introduce to you, Brave Blaze Lawson.

Time to fancify things. Around July/August 2012, I was talking with Swordroll about his blog layout and how he made it all happen. In my opinion, Jason has always had one of the most intricate and fancy sites in the community and I've always given him tons of respect for it. This kind sir, in exchange for me taking some world screenshots for him for his downloadable wallpaper packs, helped me transform the site into it's prime. Tales of the Spiral - The Adventures of Blaze Shadowhorn. A sick new header with HTML coded floating tabs, a beautiful new background. TotS was ready to fully embark in the Spiral.

Unfortunately I stopped making Pirate101 content a while back. While the guides and game were fun, it just wasn't right for me at the time. Maybe I'll head back in and give it another try one of these days.

I guess I was working on a revamp in 2015, planned on using this as the header but I never finished it? I'm not 100% sure if I uploaded it, I'm pretty sure I did. This was before we had the entire site revamp I think. The file has 2015 in the name so let's just go with that lol. But wait... this isn't even my final form!

*slaps header* This header right here can hold so many blog posts in it... This was the revamped header I finished in 2017 for the site's huge revamp. It looked so different back in the day, you guys wouldn't believe. If you want to check out how the site has changed over time, you can check out this cool website I found which takes interactive screenshots of different websites throughout the years. You can even go all the way back to August 2012 with it! If you're interested, click here. Works for any site, you just need to input the url.

Moving On
So yeah, I hope you enjoyed that flashback. Honestly, I couldn't think of what to write for this post. I wanted to make it special but I spent all last post talking about the community and my history with the game so I didn't want to hit you with that again.

Thank You
I do however just want to take a quick moment and say thank you. If you are new to the site, have been here for years, or are reading this in the future, thank you. Without you, this site wouldn't be here. Your support throughout the years has meant the world to me and I appreciate you all. Thank you for eight years of support and I hope I can work on much more for you to enjoy in the years to come!

Party Time!
Sooooooo I love to throw parties. That's kinda what I do in the community. Yes, every party is always at the same house. No I haven't ever gotten around to throwing it at a different house (MFP and Botanical Gardens aren't fully decorated). Yes it will be in my Sultan's Palace - bet you haven't been to one of those in a while. Last post I said I'd be shooting for this weekend but that's changed.

 Shadowhorn's 8th Blogaversary + W101 10th Anniversary Bash
Date: September 29th (or 30th)
Time: 2pm - 4pm CST (12pm - 2pm PST)
Location: The Commons
Realm: Scarecrow
Area: 1

I will be streaming the party on Twitch! twitch.tv/ShadowhornGG

We'll have giveaways, contests, and so much more. I still have to work on all of those details but I'll get that to you soon. This is just a save the date so you know what to expect.

Friends of the Spiral, we have much to celebrate. Thank you for eight incredible years and I'll talk to you soon with more info regarding the party as we get closer.

See you in the Spiral!

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