January 15, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

AYKARAMBA!!! So yesterday I was in the hatchery and I was just looking around and changing realms... I come up on realm Vampire and this guy has a Stormzilla and he ask's me if I want to hatch. I was cautious because I hatched with a Stormzilla many times before and I didn't want to risk 32,000 Gold again... I thought to myself that I wasn't going to find a better hatch so I took chances. I hatched with the Stormzilla and guess what I got... A WINTERBORN EGG!!!!!!!!!! You might not see this as such an exciting thing, but I do!!! Every time I hatched I got a Frost-Shelled Egg (except for Ice Oni) which became a Colossus, But this time I knew it was something different!!! I was kind of expecting a Icezilla because the guy said that was what it gave but turns out we both got.... STORMWARDEN!!!!!!!!! It is the coolest Colossus ever!!! Look at it, then you can say it is not cool!!! xD


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