Spookasode 6 Rundown & Opening Day Info

October 24, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey-o! So Episode (spookasode) 6 was pretty good :) We got a better turn out then our past few episodes XD We had a spooky intro music that was remixed as well as an epic background picture for the episode XD We also had an epic after party where the rule was, be in a halloween outfit or get out :P Of course we wouldn't follow through with this but it was a fun time XD The best part in my opinion was that we got it all in one recording!!! Yay for a good wi-fi connection!!!

Now we discussed the new Nightmare Packs, and the new houses and much more. We had a contest where you had to tell us the name of the main mount that was dropped from the Nightmare pack. Unfortunately everyone said the answer in the chat room a bajillion times so lucky me got to be like, "Clear chat room, clear chat room, clear chat room" a lot of times :P

So basically, the episode was pretty sweet XD We had a fun time and we hope that all you who listened in enjoyed it as much as we did XD Nick especially loved using his scary voice during the show and me trying to do a scary voice ;) Nick also brought up a irl thing about me and a Spider which I wasn't so fond about :P

Anyways, for all you viewers, thanks for listening in, and for all of you that didn't, you missed out on a spooktacular time XD You can always listen to it on our Livestream though.

Make sure to tune into Episode 7 on November 6th at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.
Now here was the picture we used for our spooktacular episode XD

photo credz to Nick. I never got to finish mine :P

Now for some after party photos!

Some PvP action :)

Some Colossus Action by moi

Some of our amazing viewers who came to listen and partay :)

Watch live streaming video from spirallive at livestream.com

Hello All.

As you probably know by know, Wizard101 was undergoing continuous maintenance last night so we were unable to have Opening Day.  Note that Opening Day has been rescheduled. The new info is as follows:
  • When: Sunday October 30th.
  • Time: 7pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Pick up: Ravenwood; Realm-Scarecrow Area-1
Everything is the same as it originally was except the date. Remember that we can only take 50 students so arrive early to reserve your spot. The Port Bus, Blaze Shadowhorn (level 1 Storm) comes occasionally during the day to add students, so if your there early and you see the port bus, add him to reserve your spot. We had a good 15+ people camping out for a good 5+ hours to reserve their spot. 

Thanks again for understanding and sorry again for the inconvinience.
Cya at Opening Day :)
-Shadowrider Faculty


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