Back In Game/Crown Shop Update

February 25, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hello Wizardly Friends! 

So if you didn't know, I haven't been able to log in to Wizard101 recently for weird reasons. Earlier today, I tried logging on and realized that this annoying update pop-up appeared again. I got so annoyed so I finally clicked it and waited a few minutes and when it finished, I was able to log on to W101 again!!! I finally was able to check out all the new updates and log in to receive my various birthday gifts from Nick and Friendly. Those guys are the best :) Which reminds me....HAPPY WIZAVERSARY NICK!!! It's Nick's Wizaversary so go over to his blog and comment with a friendly hello on his new post.

As for Friendly,  he is joining us on Spiral Live tonight for Episode 15 :) It's gonna be a blast with him on the show which will give all you listeners an inside look on a special interview, a sweet contest, and the chance at asking Friendly live questions and having them answered immediately... LIVE! To ask Friendly a question, email it to or if your in the chat room, you can post @Question before your question and have it answered.

As for the Crown Shop, there are ton's of new things. 

It's a lot more organized and you can check out all the crown items from vendors in the Crown Shop! Remember those daggers and rings, well now you can just click on this icon  and you can see them :D So yea.... New updates in store XD Click for the info.

Anyways see you tonight for an amazing episode of Spiral Live ft. Friendly. Until then, 
Keep It Frosty!  :)



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