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November 08, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 8 Comments

Hey guys!

Earlier today, Wizard101 released the newest in-game card pack that you can get. Introducing the Keeper's Lore pack! With tons of new spells, armor, and epic housing items, I am sure you guys are going to love it! So whats new in it? What are the new spells?
First of all, the new armor as you can see in the image to the right seems mystical. It has the usual robe but with an over-the-head hat that gives it a mysterious feel. As for the sword/banner, I don't know how one could use that in combat (sword like probably?) but it seems very cool. The dragon on top reminds me of Dragonspyre and I like to think that this is based off of being the Keeper of the Dragon Titan (Malistaire themed?). You never know but it's fun to theorycraft :)

As for the new spells, there are 3.

Keeper of the Flame
Luminous Weaver
Brimstone Revenant 

I think these spells look pretty beast. Personally, Keeper of the Flame is my favorite and I really think KI did an amazing job with this new hoard.

From the header that was released on the W101 Keeper's Lore game pack page, I believe that a new pet has also been released.

What do you think? Do you think that this new tiger themed banner leads to a tiger pet? I would love to hear what you make of this and let me know your reaction to this outstanding new pack.

See you in the Spiral!

P.S. I wanted to inform you all that I was not accepted as an official fansite for Pirate101. Honestly, I don't mind because I blog for fun and for you, my readers.  Blogging is something you should do because you enjoy it, not because you want to get "famous" or "free stuff". That is something I strongly believe in. This is why I will not be applying to be an official fansite for Pirate101 anymore. Instead, I will be blogging for fun but as you already knew, I will be applying for Wizard101 UK when they re-open fansite applications later this month. You may notice that my posts will now be leaning to more Wizard101 posts (as it used to be) but I will still make Pirate101 posts occasionally. 

Once again, thank you for checking out my blog and sticking with me. 4 more followers till 200! Don't forget to enter my contest by clicking here.
P.P.S. Today (11/8/12) through Sunday (11/ 11/12) I will not be at my computer because I will be at a Leadership Convention. Don't worry, I will be back Monday, but I do have posts scheduled so have no fear. I just wanted to let you know that. 

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


  1. :( No mounts in this pack? Dang.

  2. Those spells are not new, those are craftable spells, they just gave us a chance to get them throuth the pack now.

  3. i just wonder why dont they ever make a pack for fire school items like kepper of the flame is to cool and all but no fire spells or robes or boots or even hats sure they put a wand in there in all packs but thats it from what i have saw and there isnt even a good new mount but the one thing i like about this pack and why i might buy is just for the fact you dont need to use your train points to get a spell and keep it it was a great idea they should just add a card for every school if they do that i think it would be much better and more people would buy it.

    1. I agree. For instance, the Raven's Hoard pack gave tons of Ice items (which I loved) but we really need more packs that help out specific schools and give variations of new items for that particular school. Maybe this would be a good idea to bring up to KI and see what they think about it :)


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