Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Updates

See for yourself! No more Tales of The Spiral :( Ethan wasn't posting so we said bye bye to that and brought back The Transcended Thaumaturge :)

I created a new header, new template for the site and the pages are on the Sidebar now XD 

How's ya like them apples? Comment with your feedback on the updates :)

Enjoy the Spiral!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back In Game/Crown Shop Update

Hello Wizardly Friends! 

So if you didn't know, I haven't been able to log in to Wizard101 recently for weird reasons. Earlier today, I tried logging on and realized that this annoying update pop-up appeared again. I got so annoyed so I finally clicked it and waited a few minutes and when it finished, I was able to log on to W101 again!!! I finally was able to check out all the new updates and log in to receive my various birthday gifts from Nick and Friendly. Those guys are the best :) Which reminds me....HAPPY WIZAVERSARY NICK!!! It's Nick's Wizaversary so go over to his blog and comment with a friendly hello on his new post.

As for Friendly,  he is joining us on Spiral Live tonight for Episode 15 :) It's gonna be a blast with him on the show which will give all you listeners an inside look on a special interview, a sweet contest, and the chance at asking Friendly live questions and having them answered immediately... LIVE! To ask Friendly a question, email it to or if your in the chat room, you can post @Question before your question and have it answered.

As for the Crown Shop, there are ton's of new things. 

It's a lot more organized and you can check out all the crown items from vendors in the Crown Shop! Remember those daggers and rings, well now you can just click on this icon  and you can see them :D So yea.... New updates in store XD Click for the info.

Anyways see you tonight for an amazing episode of Spiral Live ft. Friendly. Until then, 
Keep It Frosty!  :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Questions for Friendly! :D

The Friendly Necromancer

Have you ever wanted to ask the Friendly Necromancer (Thomas Lionblood) a question and have an immediate answer??? Well now you can!!!!

This saturday Friendly is joining Spiral Live for an amazing episode 15. During the Q&A segment he will be answering your questions along with me, Nick, and Ethan. Start sending in your questions because we can only take a certain amount per episode.

Send your questions to with the subject Question or Q&A. If you don't feel like doing this, you can always just ask it in the chat room at any time by putting @Question before your question.

We look forward to seeing you with us this Saturday, 2/25/12 at 8:30 EST over at

We hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

URGENT!!!! The Friendly Necromancer!!!

The Friendly Necromancer

Attention! Attention!
Ok now that I have your attention, Thomas Lionblood aka The Friendly Necromancer is joining Spiral Live for Episode 15!!!! Do you want your questions answered live by the elder blogger himself? Do you want to hear an exclusive interview including pre-released Wizard101 information? Well then you might want to mark next Saturday, February 25th for an epic episode of Spiral Live.

We will obviously be giving out a prize, maybe some crowns and as always, we will be live to hard-drive (Shout out to Stephen Spiritcaller) at the usual 8:30 Eastern time. You can join us over at for an action packed episode hosted by Me, Nick, Ethan and the always friendly, Friendly Necromancer.

We can't wait to see you in our chat room for yet another amazing episode.
See you then!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tag Your It!

Tag your it! No your it! No your it! Stop copying me. Stop copying me. This is tag not a miming game. Oh right!

Credit to Paige Moonshade

Well the greatest thing finally happened... You can play tag inside your Wizard101 house!!! :D Nick told me earlier how he played with Ed, Arlen, Paige etc. :P

So since all the Wizards of the Spiral have already covered this topic, why not just link to them! :D

So yea... It's pretty epic :P It's also pretty cheap see :)

Some photos from KI

Well this has been a fun post :P For more info on all the Test Realm updates view

Cya in the Spiral!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day my Wizzy friends! So Valentina has been back for a few days and she's still selling her items! Cupig etc. I might go do some farming for the Cupig. Wanna know a secret??? You can farm Jade Oni for the Cupig ;)

Anyways Happy Valentines Day from me to you and remember to embrace the day of love in the Spiral :)

See ya in the Spiral,


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Square It Up!!!

Heya Wizardly friends! Today is a off-topic post regarding an IPhone app my irl friend Steven created. Well it is semi related because Steven does play Wizzy and the app seems kind of matches Wizzy mini-games.

So basically, Speed Square is an app Steven created which I believe is epic. I was there the day he created it and the day he published it :) Here is Steven's info on it.

The name of my app is Speed Square as most of you have gotten a request to like its facebook page. Right now the instructions do not make much sense but I am making an update for it. Basicly, you click a rectangle, it puts the color of the rectangle in the top left corner for you, and then you need to match that square to one of the moving squares. Then you get points. here is the link to get my app on the APP STORE RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Please go support him and his epic app. I have it and you should too :) You can download it at

Enjoy the epic app :D


Friday, February 10, 2012

Interview With Nelson Everhart-Lead Composer for KingsIsle

New Year's Check List - [X] 100% achieved my goal of getting an interview with a KingsIsle employee! 

Now the man I interviewed was Nelson Everhart, lead composer for KingsIsle. Nelson doesn't "technically" have an office at KI but he is part of the team and has made all the music from the Wizard City through Zafaria. Nelson is a very talented man who loves to share his music with others over at his website - Nelson has never been interviewed for a blog so I am honored to be the first blogger to ever interview Nelson :) Without further notice, I give you my interview with Mr. Nelson Everhart of KingsIsle.

Since you are the Lead Composer of music for Wizard101, could you tell me a little about your position?


Well, I don't actually work FOR KingsIsle...  I'm a freelance composer.  They contact me when they need music, and I compose it from my studio in Cincinnati, OH, then send the tracks to them via the internet.  If they have changes they'll email me back, I'll incorporate those changes, and we'll go back and forth like that until it's finished.

Some people are amazed that this works, but when I was employed at a game developer's office, this is basically how we wound up working anyway.

 Whats is it like working at KingsIsle? Can you give me a brief run-down of your daily schedule?

As I said above, I'm not actually at King's Isle, but my schedule is kinda all over the place.  I have a few different things that I do to avoid feeling burned out so I like to mix it up with different types of projects.  So in a day, I might teach my class in the morning, come home and write for a few hours, and do some coding for an interactive project to finish out.

How did you find out about KingsIsle? What intrigued you to apply for a job and eventually become the Lead Composer for KI and when did you start working with them?

I moved to Austin, Texas to work for a developer called Acclaim Entertainment.  That company went out of business in 2004, and all the people I had been working with found jobs at other developers.  So a designer I had worked with at Acclaim started working at KingsIsle, and when it came time to discuss music, he recommended me to the team.  I spoke with Todd Coleman and Tom Hall, wrote a couple demos, and they were kind enough to let me write for Wizard 101.

Since you work at KingsIsle, I suppose you play Wizard101. Do you ever get on to check out your music or to just play in general? If so, what level Wizard are you and what school?

The unfortunate reality of my situation is that I don't have a ton of time to play games.  That said, I have spent several hours playing Wizard 101, and I try to log in and check out what's going on when I can.  My character is a Level 14 Storm Wizard.

I do enjoy getting into the game and listening to the music...  I think its necessary to try to experience the music in the same way the audience does.  Unfortunately, although I probably have 20-30 hours into the game, I've only heard Wizard City and Krokotopia, and a little bit of Grizzleheim!

When I first started writing music for Wizard 101, KingsIsle let me play the game and run around in the world.  That let me understand the dynamics of the game and get the overall vibe.  These days, they usually don't have the world done when I start writing, so they send me concept artwork, screen shots, or sometimes video to get the feel for a new world, and I write to that.  I've also been known to loop the music I'm working on, and run around online to see how it works.

 I suppose you have created a lot of the music for Wizard101. Out of all the different pieces you have composed, which do you like the most? 

That's like trying to pick a favorite child!  There's something in every level that I like.  Obviously, I tried to differentiate the worlds musically so it's a little like comparing apples and oranges to me, but here's some thoughts:

I have a soft spot for the original Wizard City theme...  I still remember when that folksy theme came into my head.  I was trying to keep the music in the first worlds simpler, so that I had somewhere to go for the later worlds, and that melody said alot without being too full or bombastic.  Like a lot of people who grew up in the 70's and 80's, I was introduced to film scoring through John Williams' Star Wars score, so I love huge, epic music.  But I've found as a composer that it's when you impose limits on yourself that you're usually at your most creative because you have to challenge yourself to come up with something interesting.

I also really liked the Celestia music...  I think that was where the worlds really got going in a unique direction.  Additionally, KI asked that I write music that bridged the gap into Celestia, so there were a couple tracks I wrote that got to blur the lines between Marleybone and Celestia.  The music just got to do a lot of different things...  some funny comedic moments, some dark eerie pieces, some epic tunes that got to go off the charts with drama.

Plus, being asked to write a Crab March is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

And of course, I also got to have a lot of fun in Zafaria.  The world was very rich with inspirational visuals and intriguing cultural vibes.  In some ways it's a departure from the rest of the W101 music, but in my mind as we get further out in the Spiral it should feel more distant from your dorm room.

How does the process of creating the music fall into place? Does J. Todd Coleman or the Faculty at KingsIsle give you suggestions of what to base the music off of?

I usually work with Todd or the sound designer TJ O'Leary, who usually collate the thoughts of the designers and act as my point of contact  with the team.  They also have the technical details...  how many tunes,  how long each tune needs to be, etc.  

TJ is really good at providing crazy descriptions of what each piece should sound like in a way that's interesting and inspiring and that makes me want to write it just to see what it sounds like!  He'll say something like, "far off percussion thunder rumbles into an end-of-the-world string crescendo that gives way to a calm woodwind sunset."  I can't do it justice, but as a musician it's a lot of fun to have people describe what they want in moods and colors.

From there I'll sketch out what I think the pieces sounds like, and send rough mp3 mixes to them for critique.  At this point, we're usually on the same page, and they'll come back to me with minor tweaks, and I'll do a final uncompressed mix and we're done.

 Is their any info you can give us on upcoming worlds, music, and ideas?

I don't get a lot of inside information before the general public.  I remembered being surprised that people knew about Zafaria as I was writing the music!

I do know the team at KI is a ridiculously creative group of people always looking for new intriguing worlds to entertain the players.  I can't reveal any secrets, but there is definitely some exciting news ahead!

 Thanks Nelson for this amazing interview! I'm sure the Wizards who read this will be intrigued by what you have said and all this amazing info you have shared with us. Is their anything you want to add? Questions you would like to ask me?

I'll just add that the players are why any game developer does what they do and everyone enjoys seeing blogs and fan pages devoted to the game.  It feels great to have people appreciate all the hard work!

So:  what's YOUR favorite music in the game?-)

Shesh.... I'v got to say I enjoy the Mooshu music :) It's just so calm and relaxing :D It always makes me feel so blissful :) It matches the scenery 110% and it just makes me go WOW every time I hear it :) 

Well thanks again Nelson for this amazing interview! Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to hear your next piece :D

You're welcome, and thanks for listening!   

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interview With Destiny Soultamer

At long last.... I have finally answered Destiny's interview questions :P On her blog she said background info on my so I will do the same for her.

Destiny Soultamer (Des) is in her 40's (in levels ;P) and she is Ice, and Death. She runs the blog which I highly suggest you go check out and help support her blog because as a community we stick together and help one another. I have known Destiny for quite some time and I must say that she is a really nice and kind person :) Well enough of my blabbering... Onto the Interview!

-How/When Did you start blogging/ Playing W101? 
Well I started playing in 2008. I was over my friend Evans house and he was playing on his Ice level 10 and then I must say it seemed kind of "weird" but then I went home, downloaded W101, and then started playing and these have been the most memorable times of my life XD How I started blogging? Well I first started off blogging a year after playing on a website I made, mywizard101site the original :P I kept it going for a few years then I stopped it a few months into and continued blogging. Little did I know that I would be more then half way to 200 followers :D

-What about Spiral Live? 
Spiral Live? Well it started off with Nick and me talking about a podcast and then he told me his idea and I decided to jump on the idea of me guest-hosting :D We have had an amazing 13 episodes so far and it has been an amazing experience for me and Nick. We learned how to create a RSS Feed, time managing skills, and so much more.

-What is your favorite part about the game? Your least favorite? 
My favorite part of Wizard101 as always is the community. Without the community, we wouldn't have all the amazing things we have today such as new worlds (Zafaria-Nicholas Lionrider), Crowns Shop items, Ravens Hoard (Talon Seagem), and just we would not have the amazing blogs of the community that keep us up to date with all the news in the Spiral. As for my least favorite... I must say the hoards lol. Don't get my wrong I LOVE them! The problem is that in the long run they end up taking up sooooooo much money out of our pockets :P People have spent tons and tons of Crowns on Hoards which is their money but still, it costs sooooo much in the long run.

-I noticed that you have a LOT of followers, I mean a LOT. When did they follow? All at once, or (like many of us) was it just gradually?
Well for me, it was gradually. It has taken me a whole year to reach 100+ followers. It takes dedication and commitment to keep blogging even when your posts get like 50-100 views a post. Sometimes I try making Mega Posts which normally attract 1,000+ views because it includes tons and tons of info. Anyways I would say just stick with it and you will eventually get there :)

-Respond: You're in your house. A friend ports to you. You don't really know this friend, probably got them through a dungeon. Anyhow, they are begging you for treasure cards, sort of getting on your nerves about it. You can't leave, they'll follow you around, you can't delete right away for obvious reasons, and your friend would probably understand what the situation was if you just ignored them. (for lack of better word a few words back) 
Well I would say give them a few cards. One, it's being nice. Two, they will leave you alone. Even if it means giving a few "nooby" cards, you can always re-stock up at bazaar.

-What is your impression on the Hoard Packs?
As I said earlier, I think they are good but very very addictive. I recommend giving a personal limit of when to stop buying Hoards. 

-Lastly, do you have any advice for newer wizards? Or maybe, people starting an alt (ahem)? They're all watching...(pressure)
My advice is to keep working and you will eventually reach the top. Some alts ideas would be work gradually on them. Spend some time working on them. Don't rush ahead. Take your time.

Thanks for the interview and I hope you and others get a lot out of it :)

Thanks again Des for this interview :) I hope the blog readers and Wizards get a lot out of this :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Hoard Already? Pack-a-Palooza/Valentines Day

Already!?!? Didn't we just get the Ravens Hoard? Well we kind of had to guess something would be happening because KI had that huge crowns sale.... Yup a new hoard. Introducing the Kirin's Hoard!!! With a China, Japan, Mooshu theme, this hoard will be one of the coolest in my opinion. Now the sad part is it's not out yet. It's supposed to come out tomorrow according to Nick. P

The cool part is that some of this stuff is already being seen all over the Spiral! Your probably wondering how that's possible when the Hoard hasn't been released yet. Well KingsIsle has once again given us a free item! Yea not the exciting introduction I wanted but what can you do :P KingsIsle has given us the chance at one item from any of the current packs. This includes, Dragons, Wyverns, Ravens, Kirins and Nightmare Hoard? That can't be right. The Nightmare Hoard has left the Spiral. Well now it is back! Just in time for Pack-A-Palooza is the Nightmare Hoard! Now if you missed out on your halloween packs you can get some now. I bought a few and I finally got a Scythe and Broom Staff and a few Mega Snacks :D About time! Also if you want a few pictures of all these epic new Kirin's Hoard items, go check out Swordroll's post over at Swordroll Kirin's Hoard Display.

So basically Pack-A-Palooza will be going on for a bit and during this all Hoards are up to 50% OFF!!! If you want to get your free item, click on this button:

NOTE: Will take you away from this page.  Right-Click and hit "Open In New Window".

Now KingsIsle has also said that they are giving out a lot of stuff but here are the words straight from KI.

  • Up to 50% OFF ALL Packs!
  • Launching our newest pack, The Kirin's Hoard!
  • Giveaways on Wizard101 Social Sites!
  • Nightmare Pack Returns!
  • Free Random Item from one of our Packs!*
  • We’re also giving away one cool item from our various packs, and launching a brand new pack very soon - The Kirin’s Hoard! Check back often during Pack-a-Palooza to see what the new Kirin's Hoard has to offer your Wizard.

    There are also chances to win epic items from all of your favorite card packs. Check out the Wizard101 Facebook page and Wizard101 on Twitter each day during Pack-a-Palooza for a chance to win an awesome item from one of our packs!
    Coming soon, we're partnering up with a major source for Gaming news so you can win the newest mount in the game - but more on that to come during Pack-a-Palooza. Stay tuned for more info! 

    In other news.... Valentina Heartsong is back in the Spiral! She has come once again to flourish us with amazing goodies :D As always she is located in the Shopping District by the Fountain. You can buy from her a series of cool staffs, and epic pets such as the Cupig :D Do you think she has anything for guys? Just Kidding! :P 

    Anyways go off and enjoy the vast Spiral and check in with Valentina and see all the amazing stuff she offers. Now since i'm rapping this post up let me just say that my next post will be an interview with Nelson Everhart, Lead Composer for KingsIsle :D Trust me, you guys are gonna love it XD I don't wanna ruin another surprise but after that interview, I have another one with Lead Concept Artist for KingsIsle, Dave Greco :) This is above and beyond what I ever imagined XD Make sure to stay tuned in for next post which I can guarantee you will love :)

    Cya in the Spiral!