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April 22, 2013 Blaze Shadowhorn 10 Comments

Ladies and Gentleman, Wizards and Pirates of all ages. I am proud to announce that my various contests have finally ended! We got so many entries for some of them and you all put a lot of effort into your entries (blog post comments etc.). If you recall, the prizes I was giving away were:
  • 3 Wizard101 Random Permanent Mount Codes
  • 3 Pirate101 2,500 Crowns + 7 Day Buffaloon Mount Codes
  • A Random Wizard101 Wand Code
  • 5 Card packs of your choice (not including Mega Snack Packs)
I have gone through the entries and winners have been chosen. Do you want to know the winners? It's all in this post so keep reading for all the info!

For the Pick-A-Mount contest, many of you tried your hardest to gain as many points as possible. Sadly, the points are random and it's all about luck. The prize for this contest was a random Wizard101 permanent mount. With that being said, I would like to congratulate lucyfer on winning first place with 416 points. You will be sent your code in a PM on LOTS by the end of the week.

As for the Favorite Memory contest, many of you left amazing comments telling me about your favorite Wizard101 memories. It was a tough call deciding the winner but in the end, I chose Fred Moonsong as the winner of the random Wizard101 mount code because his memory really touched my heart and was amazing. 
For the Rafflecopter, we got an amazing 867 entries! That's a huge number and I really appreciate all of you who entered. In this contest, I was giving away a random Wizard101 mount, Pirate101 2,500 Crowns + 7 day Buffaloon mount, as well as a code for a random Wizard101 wand. And the winners are *drum roll* Ian Stormstaff (random Wizard101 Permanent Mount), Jereomy Calkin (Pirate101 2,500 Crowns Code + 7 day Buffaloon rental), and Andrew Sunstone (Random rare Wizard101 Wand/Sword/Staff code).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to you all!

Since these contest started, I had some #TwizardTrivia going on. Every winner would receive a card pack of their choice (not including Mega Snack). There were tons of entries and my twitter notifications were exploding but it was worth it. The winners of the #TwizardTrivia were:
  • Blaze Firebreath
  • Alexander da Coolist
  • Mighty Blueflame
  • Blaze Firebreath
  • StormRiderWiz

Congrats guys! You will all be DM'ed on Twitter for when we can meet up to get your card packs.

For the My Companion contest, I was giving away 2 2,500 Crowns + 7 Day Buffaloon mount codes. Sadly, there was only one entry. I can understand why there weren't many entries as this was a big contest that required a lot of time and effort. Regardless, I will still be giving away the other code later on in this post. The winner of the My Companion contest is Antp! His entry was so amazing and thought out that I wanted to share it with you all.

Here is my Fabulous Entry 

Name: Nelson Jr.
Title: Beaver LumberJack
Epic Talents at Recruitment: Repel Boarders
Epic Talents Trainable (2):Repel Boarders #2,First Strike,Relentless,Second Chance,BladeStorm
Talents at Recruitment: Turn the Tide
Talents Trainable (14):Strong,Tough,Rough,Armored,Accurate,Dodgy,Agi lity
Abilities in Battle: Critical Strike-Rank 1, Raise Barricade

BackGround Information: Nelson Jr. is the youngest of his 2 brothers and the son of the Famous Battle Axe Nelson. Before his birth, there was a great war, one that ravaged and destroyed his homeland. His family fled the land safely but his Father died in Battle defending them as they left.

Month's after the war he was born. It was a difficult death though and the mother died. Leaving just the 3 brothers to care for themselves. With no one left to care for them, they made their own decisions and left their home world. They arrived in Grizzleheim and found a Lumberjack known as Halgrad to care for them. He brought them into his family business since he had no successor once he's dead. He thought them all the tricks to being a Lumberjack. But sadly he passed away shortly after he brought them in leaving the 3 alone once again.

With an occupation now though, they made there way through life, cutting down wood and shipping them off to soon to be great nations. Then one day they got a message in the mail by a Avalonian Warrior who needed supplies to build himself a home in the forest of Avalon. They all agreed and left Grizzleheim behind and moved to Avalon to help him out. 

They learned allot about the Code of Chivalry living with the warrior. The beavers turned into fine men later on in their lives. Near the end of the Project, Fire Elves sprung out from wild growth and attacked them. The warrior quickly gave the 3 a sword and defended themselves against the Elves. To his surprise the beaver's made quick work of the Elves. He saw potential in them and decided to train on how to fight with a sword.

Not long after, the Warrior himself died due to a poisonous mushroom he had for dinner. Leaving them alone once again. They left Avalon and tried to move back to their home world. They hid on a ship heading to their home world with important cargo but found themselves under attack by Strange Robotic men. Taken captive, they were brought to Valencia where their fate is not yet set.

How to Obtain: (Available to All Classes) 
Quest Name: Rebellion!-Side Quest
You infiltrate a Court Session to save a fellow Valencian's Friend. You find Nelson Jr. in court at the time but pay little attention to him. You are dressed up in a Armada Suit, very similar to the one you wore on your first visit to Valencia. You walk up to the Judge and demand him to free all the prisoners. He denies your request and fights you. The prisoners join you in this battle instead of your companions since they are rebelling. Once the battle is over Nelson Jr. confronts you asking for a spot in your crew.

I'm not much of an Artist but at least I tried. Here's the Picture:

Name:  Beaver LumberJack.JPG
Views: 75
Size:  192.6 KB

I really thought that was well thought out and very unique.

All winners will be contacted through email or Twitter etc. by the end of the week with their prizes.

As I mentioned above, I have an extra Pirate101 code for 2,500 Crowns and a 7 day Buffaloon mount. How do I want to give this away? It's fairly simple. From now, 4/22/13 until this Thursday 4/25/13, just leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What would you do with the 2,500 Crowns that you would win from this contest? On Thursday night, I will look through all the comments and I will pick one that will win this prize.

With that being said, congratulations to all the winners. For those who didn't win anything, this new commenting contest is a great way to get some easy crowns and a 7 day mount. Don't forget to comment!
Good luck to you all.

See you in the Spiral!


  1. I would definitely focus on gifting my friends with that amount of crowns. Plus it would really make one of my friends really happy, he needs a Mega Snack Pack to get his pet to Mega and I'd have just the right amount of crowns! :) He'd be so happy!

    Thanks for the contest Blaze, you've been extremely generous with all these awesome contests.

  2. I would use the 2,500 crowns to get access to new areas since I don't have a membership.

  3. I would host a party on Legends of the Spiral and have some fun contests. I would use those crowns to give away some packs to the winners and do some random gifting :D

  4. For the 2500 crowns, I'd definitely get the new hat I've been wanting!

  5. for the 2500 crowns i would get valencia and a map pack for grub guardian.

  6. I'd probably get some interactive signs or an extra housing space elixir.

  7. I Am very much happy for the winner. And, if I get i lucky and get crowns from a contest, I will use the crowns to gift my best friend in the game, Calamity moonfriend. She is a free player like me. I will gift her the pack she wants as a gift for being a helpful friend in the game. Good luck to everyone :)

  8. I would use that 2,500 to gift a friend a pack or two and use the rest i have for pvp passes to get warlord.

  9. I would try to help my friend by giving them to him so he can reach level 90

  10. I will use the 2500 crowns for gaining access to premium areas in the Spiral and complete the whole epic story of the game. :)


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