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Hello there wonderful people, 

Blaze Shadowhorn here to talk to you about something that has hit the nation by storm. Over the past few weeks, people all around the United States and Abroad have taken a bucket filled with very cold water and ice and dumped it on their heads. You may wonder why they are doing this and I am here to explain that to you.

Have you ever heard of Lou Gehrig's disease? Well that is another name for the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). ALS is a disease that causes a slow progression of paralysis throughout the body. At the moment it is incurable. Many people nationwide have decided to take action by participating in the so called ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When doing the challenge, you first must record it in order to prove you did it. Second you must take a bucket of cold water and dump ice into it. Then you nominate 3 people who now have 24 hours after seeing your video to go and complete the Ice Bucket Challenge or else they must donate $100 to the ALS fund. Some people do the easy way and just dump it on them, while people such as Bill Gates and Paul Bissonnette go all out with this. Most people after completing the challenge donate $10 anyways because it is for a good cause and why not do your part to raise awareness? 

Last week, I was nominated by 3 of my IRL friends and I did my part and took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Although I already nominated my IRL friends, I figured why not raise even more awareness and nominate some of you as well? With this idea in mind, I decided to start the #TwizardIceBucketChallenge. It is the same thing as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge except in our Twitter community. You dump a bucket of ice water on your head, nominate 3 other Twizards and hopefully we can raise more awareness from this. I have already donated $10 to the ALS fund at ALSA.ORG and hope you will do so as well.

A few minutes ago, I read one of Katherine Light's blog posts. This changed the way I looked at the Ice Bucket Challenge. I had already watched numerous videos about how it got started and people who have suffered from this horrible disease but Katherine's post made it all the more personal for me and it struck my heart with a flood of emotions. I strongly recommend you go over to her blog and read her post as it will definitely make you think differently about the Ice Bucket Challenge and why we do this. 
You can read her post by clicking here.

And now, I would like to nominate 3 of you, my fellow Twizards to take part in this amazing cause. Who will it be?

That's right. I'm calling you out Edward Lifegem, Stephen Spiritcaller and Christina (Chrissy The Blesser) Lionrider. Here is my Ice Bucket Challenge video for proof of me doing it. You have 24 hours!

As I mentioned,  I have donated $10 and would like to challenge all of you to do so as well and take part in this and raise awareness in your communities. Although there is no cure yet, hopefully one day after raising awareness along with money, a cure will be found to put a stop to this horrid disease. Go outside, get a bucket of water and ice, and go nominate others to take part in this amazing cause.

With that being said and done, I will now sign off on this post and will link bellow some amazing Ice Bucket Challenge videos that I thought you would enjoy. I hope this finds you all well and I can't wait to finally get a new laptop and be posting often once again. 

See you in the Spiral,

Amazing Ice Bucket Challenge videos:

Bill Gates

Paul Bissonnette

Justin Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, The Roots

***This LAPD Officer took the IceBucketChallenge in honor of her brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice so far in 2014. One bucket for each 61 of them. This is a must watch.


  1. Challenge accepted. It may take me a bit more than 24 hours to do what I have planned but as I am going to donate money along with my challenge I am hoping that this will be ok.
    Now which Twizard or Twirate will I nominate........................................

    1. Haha that is perfectly fine Chrissy. I can't wait to see what you have planned and to see who you nominate! Let the games begin! ^_<


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