Seven Days of KI (Day 6): What to Expect

April 25, 2017 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

We're less then 48 hours away from KI! What should you expect to see? Where can you see it? Let me answer all of these questions for you and more!.

Social Media
Want an inside scoop at the inner-workings of Wizard101? That's what I'm here for!

This entire trip will be captured in unique ways depending on which social media platform you are viewing. Instagram stories will have in-the-moment coverage of what I'm doing with the folks of KI while Twitter might allow you to send me questions you would like us to answer for my vlog.

Make sure you are following me across all of my social media platforms to get every piece of content out of this trip to KI! Click here to see my social media accounts.

This is where the magic happens. Social media will show 60% of the trip but the vlog is the whole package. Here you will get all of the exclusive post-trip behind the scenes shots in more detail than you will find on the social media.

I want to produce a great recap for you and so I cannot guarantee what day the vlog will be posted but my goal is to have it up either a day or two after. The reason I will not be able to put it up immediately is I will be attending DreamHack and will be held up with work.

Comment Time!
Is there any specific content you would like to see when I get to KI? Any questions you would like me to ask the devs? Let me know!

See you in the Spiral!


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