A Quick Catch-up

May 23, 2014 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey everyone! So I've been meaning to post a lot lately but I just had finals week and have been very busy. Although I am now done with school, I leave on a 2 month international trip this coming Wednesday so I won't be posting much during this time ether. Now, something just came to my mind regarding why I got back into Wizzy. I tend to try doing too many tasks at the same time and I realized that I can't do everything at once. I figured that since I came back, I will only be posting here and there (when I get the chance to) and will be playing Wizzy when I get the chance. You will see me in Wizzy a lot though if you are on. So yeah, this is just a catch-up post to keep you informed on whats going on.

Hope you all had a nice week!


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