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Well I am off on VACATION!!! I'm going to California for the rest of the month in *counts* 8 hours :D Lucky for you I can still check my blog, and do everything normal until 11/21/11. On the 21st I am going on a cruise for my Grandmas 70th Birthday so I won't have any connection unless they provide wifi on the cruise but I wouldn't have my laptop on the cruise but I would have my itouch.

I have programmed by email, to send an automatic reply message to all who email me between the 21st and the 25th.

In other news, Harvest Hannah has come to the Spiral!

Before I blabber about her listen to her talking about herself :P

Well how'd ya like that! I really want my Headdress item which is an Indian Headdress that's epic :P It's well-known for the wearers, my good friends The Friendly Necromancer and Valerian Nighbringer. Harvest Hannah has some epic outfits like the Pilgrim outfit, and some totally wicked wands! Make sure to go visit her in the Shopping District as soon as you get the chance.

Well I ought to get going. I still have some packing to do :P Make sure to listen to Spiral Live this Saturday at 8:30 EST (which for me will be 5:30 PST) and join our viewers for a fun time!

Go to or

Also the new Council of Elders site is up!!! Go to to check it out!



  1. I am going to stay and have a... Missouri Thanksgiving LOL, Anyways have fun :) PHEW I thought the goodbye was going to say you were leaving forever, Glad it didn't!


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