I'm Back with news from Austin Texas (KI)!!! Turkey Day '11!

November 26, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hellllloooo Wizardly Readers! I am back and ready to continue blogging! Technically I am not officially back but I am back from the Cruise of Epicness XD

So I said I was gonna go to KI in Austin Texas since we had a layover but the closest I got like I said in my last post was the Dallas Airport :P ANYWAYS I took tons of video and photos of of my landing in Texas and I want to compare them with Friendly's and Stephens photos and videos :) Sadly I can't because I forgot to bring my camera USB cord to upload the photos to my laptop. Sorry guys! You have to wait one more post ;)

So as we all know by now, Zafaria has gone live and everyone is already stacking up on the new spells and becoming Transcended; Level 70. I don't want to bore you all so instead go visit Diary of a Wizard's post here for all the epicness.

Now how was your turkey day? Yesterday I got to celebrate it with my family on a Cruise :) Now everyone is thankful for stuff but let me say what i'm thankful for.

I am thankful for:

  • My Family and Friends (irl, and in-game)
  • The amazing Wizard101 community
  • Wizard101 as a whole
  • The success of mywizard101site
  • The success of Spiral Live
  • The Academies
  • A house to live in
  • Food 
  • Education
and most especially you. If it wasn't for you my reader(s), I would never have kept blogging and even with my tight tight schedule make the time to make posts and play in-game with all of you. Thank you ever so much for all you do to the community even if your just starting out! All the support makes this blog what it is so Thank You.

Now to end off Thanksgiving, here is a funny cartoon I found. Enjoy :)

To conclude, I have now reached 31,000 Views!!! Thanks once again for all the support and everything you do to support us. Remember that 100th Follower contest? I kinda have been postponing it but it will be coming around the corner soon! 
Stay tuned for more fun and news in my next post.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see ya in the Spiral!


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