Shout-out From Cali and Kingsisle

November 17, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Heya guys!

SO. Let me give you a run down of what I have done so far. Yesterday I woke up at 4am EST and got to airport at 6. Then got to Dallas around 10. With the 30 minute layover we had we never even got to use it because we landed late. Then on the ride to California, I just watched tons of shows that they showed on the TV like The Office and tons of others.

Well let's talk about Texas. So when we first landed my dad said "this is the closest your gonna get to KI so savor the moment." lol. I must say I was pretty bummed when my dad said I couldn't go to KI on the flight back but what can you do. Then on my quick run, yes run, through Dallas airport, I took tons of photos :D In posts I will make later I will compare them with Friendly's and Stephen Spiritcallers photos and video.

In addition to that, Alex and I recorded the plane landings of both California and Dallas and I will also post the epic footage here :)

Also don't forget that Spiral Live is this Saturday in 2 days!!!! 11/19/11 is Spiral Live Episode 8 which will be amazing. The time zones are:

  • 8:30 EST
  • 7:30 CST
  • 6:30 MST
  • 5:30 PST

See ya then!!!! Enjoy the Spiral!!!!


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