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December 04, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Do you want a chance at an easy 1,000 crowns or Tier 7 KIFG code?

If you answered YES to that then the new Spiral Live contest is meant for you!

On episode 9 we released info about the Spiral Live Fan Art contest. All you have to do is make a (photoshop, gimp, draw) picture about Spiral Live.

That means you can do a pic of me and nick, ethan the sound guy, etc.

All you have to do is send in your picture by this Friday December 9th at midnight eastern time. Winners will be chosen on that Sunday and posted on the Spiral Live blog.

Now your probably anxious to hear about the prizes. Well thanks to a special someone we can give out crowns for first place!!!

1st place is 1,000 Crowns sponsored by The Friendly Necromancer and his wife Bailey Skystaff along with a Tier 7 Dueling Diego code sponsored by the Spiral Live Crew.

2nd Place will receive a Tier 7 Dueling Diego code.

The next 3 runners up will be posted alongside the 2 winners on the Spiral Live blog.

Upon submitting your entry send it to .

NOTE you can send in as many entries as you want :)

Good luck to you all and we hope to see sone great fan art :D


The link to the Spiral Live blog is

Good Luck!!! :)


  1. A code that is capable of giving mounts, pets, items, and so much more :)

    Here is more information for you. This is directly from the Ravenwood Radio Forum:

    KIFG Scores and Prizes - July 5, 2011

    Classic List Threaded
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    Fallon Reply | Threaded | More
    Jul 08, 2011; 11:41am KIFG Scores and Prizes - July 5, 2011

    102 posts
    This post was updated on Jul 18, 2011; 5:46pm.
    As I mentioned on the show the other evening, the theme seems to be Beckett code items.

    Here are some examples of scores for some of the tiers and the prizes associated with the tiers. They are not the ranges for each tier, but scores I wrote down from tweets to @KIFreeGames. You can determine the tiers by looking at how much gold you receive...which I included in this post and it is also on KI Free Games. I saw someone tweet about winning the Summer Dragon and 100 gold with a score of 99,751, and someone else won the Summer Dragon with a score around 129,000. Since 100 gold is tier 2, the Summer Dragon is a tier 2 item and can be won with scores of 99,751 and 129,000 by playing Sorcery Stones.

    (Note, not ALL prizes are listed below and I don't have scores for all tiers yet - feel free to post items, scores AND gold if I don't have them. In addition to the items listed below, quite a few people seem to be winning the Bushy Palm Tree, Mount Rentals, Hand of Doom packs and Transformations)

    Tiers and some bonus items we are seeing
    Tiers and some bonus items we are seeing
    1. 50 gold, PLUS one bonus item (bonus includes -End Table)
    2. 100 gold, PLUS one bonus item (bonus includes - Summer Dragon)
    3. 150 gold, PLUS one bonus item (bonus includes - Shardtail Dragon)
    4. 250 gold, PLUS two bonus item (bonus includes - Blue Raptor Sword, Fog unicorn)
    5. 500 gold, PLUS two bonus item (bonus includes - Staff of Querent, Death Scarab, Purple Floor Torch)
    6. 1000 gold, PLUS three bonus item (bonus includes - Viridian Scepter ,Sand Celebration Rug, Storm Beetle, Hand of Doom)
    7. 2000 gold, PLUS three bonus item (bonus includes - Krokotopian Hammock, Umbra Blade, Dragon's Hoard, Panther mount (15 day) )

    Sorcery Stones
    Tier 1 - 49,964
    Tier 2 - score 99,751 and 129,000
    Tier 3 - score 169,441 and 224,367
    Tier 4 - score 294,000 and 323,925
    Tier 5 -
    Tier 6 - score 807,637
    Tier 7 -

    Tier 1 -
    Tier 2 - 110,000
    Tier 3 - 199,000
    Tier 4 - score 297,000 and 444,455
    Tier 5 - score 500,000, 538,000 and 642,115
    Tier 6 -
    Tier 7 -

    Doodle Dug
    Tier 1 -
    Tier 2 -
    Tier 3 - score 7,000 and 9,000
    Tier 4 - score 12,410, 18,890 and 24,700
    Tier 5 - score 25,290, 31,390 and 37,550
    Tier 6 - score 42,720, 43,090 and 56,550
    Tier 7 -

    Dueling Diego (I didn't see many tweets for Dueling Diego, so thanks to Icy and Stormy, we have the following)
    Tier 1 - 2,530
    Tier 2 -
    Tier 3 -
    Tier 4 - 10,020
    Tier 5 -
    Tier 6 -
    Tier 7
    Fallon Deathslinger

    Hope this helps and a good luck to ya :)


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