Interview With Stephen Spiritcaller, Spiral Live, CONTESTS GALORE!

December 30, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 3 Comments

Spiral Live New Years Extravaganza is tonight and as we promised, a special guest host will be on the show!
Well correction.... 2 Special Guest Hosts! Guest host #1 is our very own Ethan (The Sound Guy) Mythcaller!!! For our second guest host we have Ravenwood Radio's Stephen Spiritcaller with us :D

In addition to our miraculous guest hosts, we have tons of contests through out the show. Here are the prizes that will be distributed tonight:

  • A Marvelous Minions pack and Snack Pack from The Drake Flame
  • 2 Wayverns Hoard from the Spiral Live crew
And the biggest prize of all... If you win you get to choose from the following prizes donated by Justin Shadowblade:

  •           A Candy Cane Mount of your choice
  •      A holiday gardening package including 1 Boon Tree and 2 Holidaisies
  •      Yuletide Spirit
  •      Snowball Pet
  •      Santa Outfit
  •      Mint Staff and Teleporter of your choice

Now who wouldn't want that! All prizes will be redeemed at the After Party. Now the contests will happen randomly throughout the show so you might want to stay for the whole show ;P

So if you want to join all the fun, we go live at 8:30 EST at

We hope to see you there :D


  1. I have a question. I am going to be listening on my phone and participating in the contests. But i am not in my house and can't log in for after party. If i win, how am i going to get my prize. Thnx!

    Have a nice day!

  2. We will arrange a time where we can meet up with you and gift you your prize. :)


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