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December 31, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Welcome to my last post...... of 2011!

What an amazing year it has been. So many accomplishments and yet so little time... Now before we take a look at what I accomplished in 2011, let;s take a run down of tonight's (or if you want to get technical, last nights) episode of Spiral Live. Now we originally were freaking out because for the oddest reason we were unable to open our interview with Stephen Spiritcaller :( But we kept our promise and still had a special guest host on the show. Thanks to our good friend IceWiz who stepped in and "saved the show" because we kinda had a long random awkwardness because Nick and Icy were trying to fix the interview file. I got to do my segment called Shadowhorn Tips and since we somehow got on the topic of Online Safety I read my interview with Ditto along with the help of Ethan :P You can find the original interview here. After that we obviously just had to hang on to Icy because we just felt that we have wanted an interview with her for a while so why not do it live :P

It turned out to be a lot of fun but eh we got side tracked a bit :P And I quote from Icy "That's the fun of doing a live show." You can flow with what you say and it's not off a script :P Then Icy had limited time because a little Diviner was "Not in bed where he was supposed to be" *cough cough* Ian :P Then we just cut to some chat room questions and got to revealing our contest winners. Sadly only one person actually guessed my pet's name which was to win a Wyvern's Hoard :P It was pretty obvious saying it's one word. No Miss, Lord, Queen etc. Then I even said it started with V and ended with DEN. V_DEN. Hmm.... I also mentioned that you can check the dye shop and look for the very little names that start with V and especially end with DEN. But eh I still gave the hoard away to the winner ;P Sadly when I was gifting Sierra Mist (The Drake Flame) I clicked the buy now button instead of gift button so I bought myself a Wyverns Hoard :P Eh I don't care much because I finally got a staff so yea :P After part was fun and then Nick and I ditched to have a chat with Stephen and Icy right before their WoW raid :P Was all fun but hey we will hopefully have our Stephen interview for next episode :P Now before I continue make sure to check out the newest Spiral Live episode at the livestream.

Now enough Spiral Live, let's move onto the big event of the year. Hehe year. Less then 24 hours left of it :P  So here is a list of my accomplishments of 2011.

  1. Reached 100 Followers
  2. Started a Wizard101 Podcast (Spiral Live)
  3. Protected the Spiral with the help of the Wizard City Protectors
  4. Reached my goal of 35,000 views by New Years!
  5. Made tons of new friends in the community :)
  6. Created tons of fascinating posts for the blog
  7. Got a cool name like Talon Thunderblade :P The Transcended Thaumaturge
  8. Reached level 60
  9. Started a few new wizards
  10. Finally got some crown items I have wanted for a long time :P
Now, for this new year, 2012, what are my expectations for this year. Well let's see :)
  • KingsIsle will release tons of new worlds
  • Have an amazing blogging year
and everyones favorite....

     4. We will not die on 12/21/12 (Hopefully)

Now what are goals I hope to achieve this coming year? 

To start off I want to set a New Years Resolution for myself. I will make it view able at the bottom of the blog so we can keep track of how close we are to the goals :)

  • I want to reach 60,000+ views by next New Years
  • I want to reach 200+ Followers by next year or my Wizaversary in September
  • I want to score a few major interviews this year
  • Score an interview with a KingsIsle employee
  • I want to make some epic posts 
  • Have epic contests 
  • And meet tons of new wizards :)

I feel like I am missing something but if it comes to me I will just add it in later :P Anyways this is the last post you will see from me this year so see you next year! Have fun watching the ball drop tomorrow and drinking your "kid friendly" juice boxes :P 

Also please comment and tell me how you like the new site layout. Do you like my new header :) Do you like the layout in general?

So from my blog to you I wish you a happy and health New Years!!! 

Cheers! Cya in 2012 :)
-Blaze (2011) Shadowhorn

Edit: I just realized this is my 300th post!!! Yay 300!!!! Thanks so much guys for believing in me and helping me reach this milestone in my blogging career :)

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  1. I really like the layout. Happy New Year to you, gratz on 300, and may we not die on 12/21.


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