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March 14, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hello :)

Now as you can tell, i'm not posting too much; let alone in Wizard101. Could this might mean i'm growing out of it? Doubtfully. This just means i'm very busy with school plus I am working on my novel. Yup, a novel.

If you have seen some of my tweets, I have said stuff like go check out my new blog, go follow.... etc. That's because I run a new IRL blog about me and my novels. Now I try posting there every day or two so if you want info, go follow that blog and read it because I am on there constantly.

I would really appreciate it if you went and followed my blog over here. Let me make it easier, here's a direct link to the follow button. Click here, sign in, and your following my blog :) I must say it's going pretty well. Averaging a good 6-10+ comments a post, I got 36 followers in less then 2 weeks, plus it has an amazing community :) It reminds me of all of you :)

Aside from the blog, my current novel is called Divination. Here's my current summary.

Ryan Storm and Saran Majubar aren't your average teenagers. From the start of their lives they have only known one of their parents. Little do they know that one of their parents is a God. Meanwhile, an evil is rising upon the world and the Gods can not face it alone. The Greek and Egyptian gods must align to save the world but even they can not protect the human race. The Gods decide that they must call upon their children. Otherwise known as demi-gods. Ryan and Saran eventually find themselves working together, challenge by challenge, quest by quest to banish the evil from the face of the earth. Ryan being the son of Zeus, and Saran being the son of Anubis, they will embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. Although the evil's powers are unknown, the Gods know that this is one task they can not handle alone. 

So yea, what do you think? Nick is actually going to be helping me out with possible fan art etc. Anyways, if you don't see me posting much you now know why. I hope this finds all you Wizards well!

Enjoy the vast Spiral,

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