P101 Worlds Week: Polaris

September 27, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 6 Comments

What is up with all the talking about Polaris? It's not even an announced world yet! How much do we know about it?

I'd like to hear about Polaris...do you think they'll really include penguins in that world? (just something I've heard) 
-Tasha Sparkleheart

Well I have all those answers... And more!
Before I start talking about Polaris, I must say I am not going to be giving away all the information. If you have checked out Swordroll's Blog recently, you will know he is doing posts on the various unclaimed worlds in Pirate101 such as Polaris. We chatted, and decided that we will be doing P101 Worlds Week together! Me doing the known worlds and Swordoll covering the non-known worlds.

In this post, I will be slightly discussing Polaris before I link you to Swordroll's blog for all the information.

First off, I would like to start with Tasha's question.
I'd like to hear about Polaris...do you think they'll really include penguins in that world? (just something I've heard)  
 Polaris. The world of Ice and Snow. 
To my knowledge, I believe that they are including penguins. What leads me to think this? If you recall the Pirate101 Website when it was first posted and we were able to read up on the Worlds, Polaris was once of them and it had some basic background information which they removed for some reason. Apparently, the leader is known as Nepoleguin (or something like that). Sound like any famous leaders to you? *cough cough* Napoleon Bonaparte? Anyways, you are also able to find an image of a Penguin Officer on one of the Pirate101 pages.

So yes, I do believe and know that there are Penguins in Pirate101.

What do we know about Pirate101 so far? Do you really want to know? Then go check out Swordroll's post about Polaris by clicking here!

What world would you like to see covered in the next post? Any reasons why?



  1. Penguins!!!! That would be awesome!!! Do you think you could possibly do Cool Ranch for your next post? Thanks!

  2. Ya Penguins would be awesome! I'm a huge fan :D
    Thanks for making a post on it Blaze :)

  3. I did a poster for one of my Elm. grade classes and it was about penguins, this made me remember.


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