Wizard101 UK Update & Blog Update

September 30, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 8 Comments

There is soooo much Wizard101 UK information to catch up on! But before I touch on the new Wizard101 UK info (Autumn Fest, Death School Celebration, New Website Layout) let's get this short blog update out of the way.

If you haven't noticed, I changed the blog header. Specifically, the page tabs. Now, instead of it looking like this:

It looks like this:

I got rid of the 5 tab header and replaced it with a 6 tab header adding in Wizard101 UK Posts. Now, if you click on that, it will take you to a page where you can view all pages with the label "Wizard101 UK".

Now, onto the new Wizard101 UK Information Update! If you have visited their website lately, you would know about their amazingly spectacular new layout.

Whats new?

  • Ton's of new graphics
  • New mouse-over effects
  • Social Media Plugins
  • New Toolbar
and much more! I love how they now incorporated tons of new graphics to make their Wizard101 website stand out from the others (US, Greece, Italy, etc.)

A part I like a lot is how they made it so you can sign in from anywhere on the site (top right corner). Once you login, it displays your username, crown balance, wizard club, and account management. 

I feel like the staff for Wizard101 UK did an amazing job fixing up their site and making it unique and spectacular. Hats off to you for this :)

In addition to that, you may have heard of two major events that are going to be happening soon in the UK. Wizard101 UK Autumn Fest and the Death School Celebration.

Wizard101 UK Autumn Fest 2012 - More details will be released soon.

Wizard101 UK Death School Celebration 2012 is already starting to spread! Dworgyn sent out a message saying the following:

Hello there Wizards, 
The nights keep getting longer and the cool air of Fall wraps me up like an old coat. This being one of the few times of year you might see me out gathering reagents for potions and elixirs away from the Nightside Death classrooms. 
So to prepare for Samhain we will be conjuring up some spooktacular events through out the month of October. To begin, we are holding a design contest for the forum boards with a theme fitting our Death School and elements to Hallow E'en for our new banner. 
Entries and details for the contest can be found HERE. Entries will be accepted through Saturday October 6th and the winning banner will receive some fitting card packs. 
Keep your eyes here as more events will be unearthed throughout the month 
Death School Instructor 
Isn't that exciting!? I am going to enter this contest for sure! I can't wait to see what else they have in-store for us this glorious Autumn season. Not to mention Halloween is in a few weeks! I am so excited! What do you look forward to the most this holiday season? What do you think about the new Wizard101 UK website look?

Stay tuned for more Wizard101 UK stories and much more!
See you in the Spiral!


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