Introducing... The Phoenix Hoard!

September 26, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 4 Comments

Phoenix Hoard

Game Card Pack

A new Dragonspyre inspired game card pack is here! With a chance at the fierce two person Phoenix Mount, the Phoenix Hoard has cool new epic and ultra rare items for your Wizard.

In addition to the Phoenix mount, this new game card pack gives players a chance at tons of other cool new items!
  • - Gargoyle Pet
  • - Dragon Lance, Dragon Pike, and Dragon Spear Wands
  • - New Glorious Avenger Armor Gear Sets
  • - New Pet Snacks
  • - New Plants including the Boiled Peanut, the Melting Cheese Tree, the Clock Flower and Snow Apples

What's the fuss about all this new gear? Well take a look for yourself!

Anyone notice anything from the past in the outfit? 

Remember him from the Wizard101 Design Your Own Gear Contest?

 I think that's where this outfit was based off of. 

See you in the Spiral!


  1. While a bit similar, I just find too many discrepancies to believe that it's that gear. There are a lot of areas where it isn't even vaguely close.

    1. In a ways I see what you mean. There is no cape, not as many flames, etc. etc. What is similar is the dragon theme with the hat, robe, and boots. Yes it is not 100% identical, but I believe that the new Phoenix Hoard outfits were based off of that.

  2. I have to agree with both of you. I see the resemblance but I can also see how they are different. It is a unique outfit and I like it a lot!

    1. Who doesn't!? I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit in the Spiral :)


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