Beta Prize Announced!

October 06, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 11 Comments

Did you play in Pirate101 Beta? Well if you did, then you are able to get this limited edition one of a kind eye patch! Anyone who played in beta can wear it as there is no level restriction and it is classified as No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction (yes Shared Bank) so you will never accidentally delete it.

Another amazing part is that it comes with a card with the Rouse healing power! This will definitely come in handy to all of us Beta Pirates in tough situations. Did you know that the star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game? EVER? Kingsisle said that it will let everyone know that you played in Beta.

I really love this outstanding and classy idea by Kingsisle and I must say, we should be thanking them for all their hard work in making Pirate101 possible so thank you Kingsisle! It was a pleasure to play in Beta and I am sure all the Beta Testers will agree that you did an amazing job making it happen.

See you in the Spiral!


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    1. It's gonna be epic and it will look nice with your hat xD

  2. Destiny said in her post that if you purchase the Boochbeard Bundle, you get the eye patch too. Can you confirm that?

    1. Yes I can. Since both bundles do allow the user to play a week prior to going live, it is still in Beta thus allowing them to get the eyepatch. I hope this answers your question :)

    2. Thanks for clearing that up, Blaze!

  3. Lucky!!!! I wish I got that but I never got into beta so.... Congrats to you Beta Testers and congrats to KI for making Pirate101 epic!


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