New Game World Announced! Azteca Is Here! Test Realm is Live!

October 25, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 4 Comments

It's here! It's here! KingsIsle has just recently released information regarding the new Wizard101 world of Azteca! There is so much new stuff including a increased level cap, new school spells, new astral spells, skill rank increases and much more! Keep reading for the rundown with all the new information!

KingsIsle gave us this brief rundown of Azteca.

Azteca is home to the Aztecosaurs; the oldest race in the Spiral. Long believed to have been lost, this world now lives in peril of being destroyed...

Players who are a minimum of level 80 and who have completed the Avalon quest "A Great Storm Coming" must speak to Cyrus Drake in Ravenwood (not Merle like you usually do). He will send you along to Marleybone for a very unique experience. Completing Cyrus' quest will give you the Spiral Key to Azteca.

I think I can speak on behalf of all crowns players when I say we really want to know how much it will cost per zone. KingsIsle included that Azteca is broken up into 6 different zones which will cost 1995 Crowns each for a total of 11,970 crowns for the whole world. That is an amazing price for a world this epic!

As for the level cap increase, Wizards can now reach level 90! You heard me right; 90! This means that there will be a ton of new gear for Wizards over level 80 as well as new quests. Do you think there will be any major instances like the Tower of the Helephant? I sure do!

With a new level cap of 90, KingsIsle also added new school spells for when you hit level 88.
Here's a rundown of the schools and the requirements to get the new spells.
Life School: To qualify for the quest "Spiny Happy People" Life Wizards must have completed "The Green Mile" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Balance School: To qualify for the quest "Hold That Tiger" Balance Wizards must have completed "It!" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Death School: To qualify for the quest "Avenging Assembly" Death Wizards must have completed "Bag of Bones" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Myth School: To qualify for the quest "Mark your Calendar" Myth Wizards must have completed "Eyes of the Dragon" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Storm School: To qualify for the quest "Storm Warning" Storm Wizards must have completed "Hearts in Atlantis" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Ice School: To qualify for the quest "Winter is Coming" Ice Wizards must have completed "Misery" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

Fire School: To qualify for the quest "Sunny Fundays" Fire Wizards must have completed "Firestarter" quest and be Level 88 or higher.

It is sooooo epic!!! I found a video of the new Ice Spell, Lord of Winter, to show you guys! Credit to tcasper961 for the footage!

What do you think!? Being a Thaumaturge, I really like this spell and how we finally have a really strong attacking spell. In addition to that, I love the animation they added to it. Although other school spells are not on YouTube yet, I'm sure you will be able to find them within the next 2 days.

With all these main school spells, they also added a lot of new Astral spells! You may wonder how to get them. Well wonder no longer! KingsIsle told us that "after you have completed the "Midnight Sun" quest in Zafaria, talk to Pacal Redmask in Azteca. He will start you on the quest "King of Fang and Claw" to find Tezcat Threestar in Cenote and return him to Zocalo. Tezcat will then offer you quests for the Astral spells and you must return to him to advance to the next quest." 
Enlarge to see better

For the Star School, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be minimum level 84
  • Must have completed the quest "Midnight Sun" in Zafaria
  • Must have completed the quest "King of Fang and Claw" in Azteca

Enlarge to see better
For the Sun School, Wards, charms and heals can now be enchanted with new Sun Spells! Although, you must meet the following requirements.
  • Must be minimum level 86
  • Must have completed the quest "Thorn in My Pride" in Zafaria
  • Must have completed the quest "Third Star on the Left" in Azteca

And finally, for the Moon School, you must meet the following requirements.
Enlarge to see better
  • Must be minimum level 88
  • Must have completed "Turn Up the Sun" in Azteca
  • Must have completed "In My Eyes" in Azteca

  •  In this amazing expansion, KingsIsle added new combat tutorials as well as  new crafting recipes and level, gardening, and many new housing items. 

    As many of you know, Diego has a quest for you when your a lower level Wizard where you learn about blades, attacks, pips, and more. Now, "Diego has new combat tutorials for players who are level 20 and higher and level 50 and higher! Diego's level 20 tutorial called "Hard to Resist" will teach players about Resistance to spells, How to use Prisms, Global spells and Stun Shields. Diego's level 50 tutorial replaces the old "Fighter's Block" tutorial with a new enhanced "Arrow to the Knee" tutorial which will teach players about Critical and Block, Armor Piercing and Astral Spells."
    Wizard101 Diego PvP Doodle
    I really think these tutorials will be a huge hit because most Wizards don't know how to properly use prisms. I personally didn't know how to until I was level 50 and farming bosses. It would be really nice if they made it so you can go back to Diego at any time and redo the tutorial so if you forget, you can go back and check on how to do something.

    With that said, I want to talk to you about the new crafting updates. As I mentioned earlier, they added a new Crafting Level. Here is what KingsIsle said about this.
    "Avid Crafters can now reach the next level of Crafting to become a Transcendent Crafter. If you have completed the quest "Drum a Little Drum" in Zafaria, speak to Oztomecca the Weaver to be given the quest "Making the Grade" which will challenge you like never before." I am totally excited for this as I bet most wizards are. Paige Moonshade will definately love this because she can now create new amazing houses with never before seen items!

    You may also have known that when you go to a crafting station, you have to select the item you want to craft from all your recipes. Now, crafting stations will only show the recipes that can be crafted at that specific station to make our crafting lives a lot easier plus recipes are now displayed alphabetically. Huzzah!

    As for Gardening,

    • Small soil can now be arranged like small pots
    • Players can now see, but not use, Gardening Treasure cards before they are level 12 and/or have completed the Gardening introduction quest
    • Gardening Experience Totals will now display correctly
    • The correct Likes & Dislikes of many plants now display properly on the seed description.
    Did you know that now you can place items inside the shark hut!? No more rug glitches there! In addition to that, Lights on the Yuletide tree housing item will now twinkle! Pretty pretty, shiny shiny. They have also corrected the label on the Crate of Vegetables item. I quote the Wizard101 Game Update Notes page "Gobblers can't spell very well." hehe. The KingsIsle humor we all know and love :)

    As for the Shopping and Inventory Updates, KingsIsle said this:
    1. Wizards under level 80 can have a maximum of 300 000 Gold and Wizards over level 80 can have a maximum of 350 000 Gold to accommodate the higher value items available at that level
    2. Players should now see the correct gold amount when selling directly from their bank

    3. Treasure Cards
    4. Players who have the maximum number of Treasure Cards will receive the message 'Treasure Cards Full' when attempting to purchase cards from the Bazaar.
    5. Players can now see the total number of Treasure Cards they have in their inventory on the Treasure Card page of their spellbook
    6. "Buy More" and "Sell More" features added to the Bazaar Treasure Card section that will allow you to buy and sell Treasure Cards in bulk
    7. "Buy More" features added to the Treasure Card shops that will allow you to buy Treasure Cards in bulk

    8. Other
    9. The Trophies tab in the Bazaar, and Housing and Furniture windows, is now a "Music Scrolls" tab
    10. Players should no longer encounter an error message when selling a deck from their bank
    11. Crown Shop sorting arrows now displaying properly
    12. If you try to purchase a Henchman when there are no empty available spots in the duel, you will receive the message "Your duel circle is full, you cannot purchase a Henchman."
    I am in love with the new updates. They are just so amazing! To view the update notes page, click here. I also found a few interesting Azteca videos for you to check out so here you go! Credit goes to the video creators.

    Anthony Deathbane made an amazing video which was a walkthrough of Azteca and I wanted to share it with you.

    I hope you all have fun in the Test Realm! Make sure to check out all the posts from other bloggers regarding the test realm. They have some amazing content for you guys.

    See you in the Spiral!


    1. Awesome!!! I knew all those Jurassic gift cards had something to do with Wizard101!

    2. Do you know when this will be going live?

      1. No I do not but due to past test realm updates, id guess it will be up within the next 2-3 weeks


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