Wizard101 UK Halloween Party Review

October 30, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 8 Comments

It's that time of year again when we all start heading off to Halloween parties. Yesterday, Wizard101 UK hosted their official Halloween party which was part of the Death School Celebration. There was so much going on such as many packs being given away, tons of contests, and a happy environment full of Wizards enjoying the festive holiday.

Normally, I wouldn't have been able to attend due to being in school (time difference), but yesterday, I was sick. I checked my email when I got a message from my good friend Mason Swiftblade informing me that in Wizard101 UK there was a major party going on. I quickly logged in game and ported to Mason. Once there, I was shocked as to how many people where there! Grace Owlbringer hosted it at her fabulous Marleybone Estate which was neatly decorated in the Halloween spirit.

When I first got there, I was instantly turned into an elf since everyone was playing a huge game of Tag. This was probably the most intense game of Tag I had ever played. Round after round, someone would win and then they would be given a Nightmare Hoard later on from Emy.

While playing tag, I decided to go look around the house and see how it was decorated which you can view later on in this post. I also got to see many of the amazing costumes people wore to the event. I took many photos and I wanted to share a few of them with you and share my experience with you.

An amazing path of celestial pots leading to the inside of the house

It truly was, a fire elf party xD

I believe I can fly!

I can play the violin
Amrbose & Gamma Bobble-heads


An outstanding Kitchen by Emy 
For The Hoarde Fire!

Fire Elf Photo Bomb
A photo of most of the Wizards who attended
Wizard101 UK FTW!

Seems a bit like Fire Cat Alley in the Marleybone house

Lol Mason

Me, Grace, Leesha (and Mason)

After Party Group Photo
Overall, I would rate this party a 10/10 - A+. It was so fun meeting many of the UK Wizards and getting to enjoy our Halloween celebrations at the same time.

Thank you to our amazing Wizard101 UK Staff for setting this all up and making this Halloween a special one.
Gameforge Support before the party

Are you attending any Halloween parties in game or IRL? Stay tuned for my next post with more information regarding the Death School Celebration.

With this post revolving around Halloween, I decided to make this Trivia Tuesday a Halloween edition. Don't forget to try answering the questions on your own and then scrolling down to see how you did. I always love hearing how you did so feel free to leave a comment as well :)

  1. Fill in the blank. Halloween was originally a ______ Holiday.
  2. What were the original Jack-O-Lanterns made out of?
  3. Where does Trick or Treating originate from?
  4. What are modern day Jack-O-Lanterns made out of?
  5. What colors associate with Halloween?
  6. Do any words rhyme with Orange?
  7. Is Halloween the #1 holiday in terms of commercial success?
  8. What is the most popular item to give trick-or-treaters?
  9. How much money do you think is spent annually in the U.S. on Halloween?
  10. Is orange the only color of Pumpkins?
Here come the answers!!!
  1. Celtic
  2. Potatoes and Turnips
  3. Europe
  4. Pumpkins
  5. Black and Orange
  6. Nope. Not even if you check the dictionary ;P
  7. No. It is the 2nd most commercially successful holiday under Christmas.
  8. Chocolate candy bars
  9. 2 Billion Dollars
  10. Nope. Pumpkins can come in white, blue, and green. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Trivia Tuesday as well as the W101 UK Party info.

See you in the Spiral!


  1. I saw you there! It was so fun and I enjoyed playing Tag. I got a 8/10 on Trivia Tuesday. Missed the Celtic part and the halloween success question. I love how you have it weekly though. I can't wait for the next one! :)

    1. It was nice seeing you too :) I'm glad you enjoyed Trivia Tuesday :)

  2. WOOP WOOP! I love it! Great info, and stuff. :D * like *

  3. I love how your Trivia Tuesday's are unique and different every time. It always makes me anxious for the next Trivia Tuesday. I can't wait for the next one :D

  4. Wow, nice! Coming here EVERY Tusesday. Great info :)


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