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Hey guys! Today I was looking through my blogroll and I saw My good friends Fin and Quinn had a new post about the Waterworks!!!! Turns out that they were the first people to complete the Waterworks on the Live Realm!!! They also posted many helpful tips for it such as:
"We were a little fuzzy on how the first boss worked (I read up on it and explained it, but it wasn't enough) but, in and hour or so we beat it. Amber was in first didn't have Efreet in her deck, so I had to risk getting us killed with Medusas, I was in last place. If you did not get what I said, basically the first boss will smokescreen the person in Sun position. He or she is the only one who can use a spell that directly effects the boss, and no one can trap at all. If someone else attacks, then the boss will hit around 1000 each round to everyone. Eventually the next person is 'inked' along with the first, and so on. You can only attack if you are inked. I kept risking our lives to take some health out of the boss."
Final Boss

"When you start out, there is to other minions, one has around 7000 health and the other 9000. They cheat too. Did I mention that? He will put up a Doom and Gloom that changes color. If you do not respond to the color (white, as in this picture, means you can only trap, and black means only blade) your blades/traps will be dispelled. If you use a single hit spell without a blade/trap, he will hit a Ra with 1500 base damage. Multiple hits are fine.

It is a lot harder then it seems. He hits hard, and sometimes you will use a single hit thinking your okay because you have a blade, but he will change the Doom and Gloom and your blade will disappear. There is nothing you can do, and he will hit you."

These are some great tips about the dungeon. If you are thinking about doing it, make sure you have 4 legendaries first.

Here is what Fin and Quinn have to say about the dungeon:
"We were very, very, very, very happy, and it is actually quite possible we were the first people on live to do WW ;P. Comment if you finished it before 7:00 today. We started at 3:30, it took 4 and a half hours!"

Congrats again to Fin and Quinn for being the first Wizards on Live Realm to complete the Waterworks!!! xD


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