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May 20, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments


Hey my amazingly awesome blog readers! Recently I got an email from Joshua Tharpe asking my opinion in a mount his girl was gonna gift him. The 2 options were the Sea Turtle or the Manta Ray mount. Now here is my prospective on this:

Likes/Dislikes about the Sea Turtle mount:
  • It is a cool looking mount with HUGE  eyes
  • It gives you good positioning when you are on it
  • It  looks like the Sea Turtle from Nemo ;)
  • It has a awkward motion it does when it is moving
  • It does a weird jump
Likes/Dislikes about the Manta Ray mount:
  • It has a cool looking structure
  • It can make you look intimidating 
  • It has a smooth vibe coming from it
  • It makes you look constipated when you are riding it
  • It makes your rear stick out (looks awkward)
  • It makes you bend the whole time; like seriously! Who likes bending over when you are supposed to be calmly riding the mount (siting down)

Well there you go! Those are my likes and dislikes about the Sea Turtle and Manta Ray mounts! 


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