~Beating Grizzleheim~

May 31, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Hey guys! So an amazing thing finally happened! I BEAT GRIZZLEHEIM!!! *gasp* It took me a while cause I was *cough cough* lazy... lol Anyways I had fun battling the final Gurtok dude who acts like your friend and then turns against you. I think you would have learned not to trust people after you encounter Zarathax in Dragonspyre. You help him and then he betrays you and then you must fight him :(

Anyways my bro Alex beat Grizzleheim about 3 days before me so when he fought the Gurtok Demon guess what he got... A TOY TRAIN! Thats a crafting house item that is very rare. When I did the Gurtok Demon and he helped me guess what I got and guess what he got! I got a terrible robe and he got... A TOY TRAIN! I was sooooo jealous but actually about 10 minutes ago, I found a toy train in Bazaar for only 2,000 Gold XD It was sweeeeet :D Actually as I am typing this I am helping a friend with the Jotun battle XD

Anyways, here is a video and a few pictures on my journey:

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  1. There's a much larger Toy Train Set that is craftable; nothing crafted drops anywhere. So the Small Toy Train is a non-crafted furniture item, but I agree - its cool to get! :)

  2. O ok XD I was wondering how it was possible for a crafted item to be dropped lol XD


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