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May 07, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Ok so I was looking at my blogroll and I came upon a new post by That Pyromancer which is one of the coolest posts I have ever seen and I just wanted to share his masterpiece idea with you.

His idea is to have cutscenes all through out the Sprial! Some of these include:

"Cutscene 2: When Bartylbe's mouth is opening it
 pan's around all of Ravenwood shaking then finally his
 mouth opening."

"Cutscene 6: Zoom through glass to 
top of tower to reveal 3 silhouettes.
 (Mallistaire, Meowiarty, Agony Wraith)"

"Cutscene 8: After the Jade Oni is defeated
 a new cutscene opens up to where the
 emperor wakes up."

"Cutscene 10: At the final crucial moments
 the Camera slowly goes toward the Dragon Titan
 with dramatic music."

How do you like those ideas! Those are 
not all of the ideas he posted but I
 am not going to ruin the
 surprise for him, so if you want to
 view more of these cutscene 
ideas, check out the following link:


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