6 More Days!!!

September 06, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

 *Random guy starts singing* Woot Woot that's the sound of the Police. *Blaze interrupts* Um, excuse me sir... That's actually the sound I make because in 6 days it's my WIZAVERSARY!!! Yea you heard me right. 6 more days until the 1st ever mywizard101site Wizaversary!!! This week in the Spiral Live Episode we will be having a special celebration to celebrate my Wizaversary because I can't celebrate on my actual Wizaversary because it is on a Monday (awwww) but still... IT'S MY WIZAVERSARY!!! I would never have made it this far without all the help and support of the fabulous community. Actually i'm gonna save all that mushy gooshy stuff till Monday ;) Anyways remember to tune into Spiral Live Episode 3 this Saturday at 8:30 EST.
You can view it from our livestream or from our website which you can find here.

Also in this episode, we are releasing the first ever showing of the new Spiral Live intro song created by everyone's favorite Wizard... *pause for dramatic effect; drum roll"...... THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER, THOMAS LIONBLOOD!!! WOOT WOOT! Nick and I love the amazing intro made by Friendly and it has the same techy sound as the Ravenwood Radio intro. It is pretty epic and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as Nick and I do :)

Well thanks for reading my post and I hope to see you Saturday :)


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