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September 04, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

Hey guys!
So I kinda stole this idea from Ed Lifegem (hehe) but now I will be having a weekly (or whenever I get to it) post on new blogs in the spiral. As you know if you watched the first episode of Spiral Live, We have an intermission every episode where we have either a video or power point for the viewers. In the power point we have a part where we just publicize blogs. Basically I would really appreciate it if you guys checked out the following blogs and helped them get started XD

A favorite blog of mine (not that I have favorites but I like this one a lot)
Wizard101 Club -
-Courtney Willowheart and Angel

A Theurgistic Life -
-Wolf Sky

This next one is just a site but I highly suggest you check it out:
Honorary Detectives Page -
-Wolf Sky created it but Ed and I heads of it also

Here is the Wizard City Protectors blog  -

Please follow these amazing blogs and help them get known in the Wizard101 community :)

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  1. Lol Hehe! I know I love that website too. Plus thanks for advertising. I own both of them though lol :D yeah I am popular XD


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