New Mounts, New Houses/Friendly Made Spiral Live Intro Song

September 01, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

New stuff, no way!!!! So earlier today while in school (yes I texted during school but we are allowed ;) Nick texted me saying that the new mounts and houses came out! I was sooo excited to hear this I was like "say what!" He said that the new mounts costed 12,500 Crowns. I was like "are yoy serious! That's like super duper expensive!" Turns out he was not joking :P Well before I get started on that, here is the stuff that was released today:

  • New Pegasus Mounts
  • New Houses
So yea, the Pegasus mounts cost 12,500 Crowns and sadly you can not buy it for gold :( I hope they make a few contests so you can win it XD If I ever have a lot of spare crowns (after i'm done questing in Wintertusk and Wysteria) I am probably gonna get the Pegasus. 

There are two different Pegasus mounts:
  • Skyracer Pegasus (White with Blue Mane)
  • Nightflame Pegasus (Black with Red Mane)
I would get the Skyracer Pegasus because one it matches my outfit (duh), and two it matches my outfit (and it's cooler ;) Here is a picture from the Wizard101 website on the Nightflame Pegasus:

Also the Sunken Palace and Wizardly Watchtower came live! I was surprised because you can get the Wizardly Watchtower for 7,500 Crowns while the Sunken Palace is the usual 100,000 Crowns. These are available to be purchased for gold which I am excited about because the Watchtower is 75,000 Gold and the Sunken Palace is the usual 100,000 Gold. I am gonna chuck my small Mooshu house and get the Watchtower for 75,000 Gold. 

Now the big announcement..... 
Friendly made the Spiral Live intro song!!!! 
It is amazing!!! It is totally Spiral Liveish and it has our signature jungle... "Ethan the sound guy" :) It is pretty epic. Thanks sooooo much to Friendly for the amazing intro song :D If you want to hear it make sure to listen into Spiral Live episode 3 September 10th at 8:30 EST.
Just go to our livestream which you can find here and then your set :)

Well until then, 
Keep it frosty, Ethan the sound guy, and Cya in the Spiral!



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