Old Friends, New Friends

January 02, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

As Dr. Seuss would say:

One Fish,
Two Fish,
Red Fish,
Blue fish.

In my Case it's:

Old Friends,
New Friends,
Icy Wiz,
Fallon Bluegem.

Fallon Boongem and I actually go way back to the beginning of 2011. I actually re-met Fallon a few days ago while chatting with Cody (Coco) Raventhorn in the Bazaar. So Fallon ported to Cody. I then asked if we've met before and then she said she has a YouTube and my imaginary light-bulb went DING! I quickly hopped on my YouTube account and checked my old messages and turns out it was the Fallon Bluegem I used to contact in February of 2011 about her YouTube videos and us creating a music video sometime. So yea Fallon and I added each other and our long friendship will continue to grow :) Make sure to go visit Fallon's YouTube channel here and make sure to subscribe to her and add to her 2,000+ Subscribers :D

Now Icy is a different Story. So I was with my good friend Pyromancer Jonathan battling Calypso and then I went afk after the first round. Sorry John! Then when I came back Bailey Skystaff and Icy were their battling those minions that spawn after the battle. I was like "When'd you get here?" lol. Well long story short  Icy had to leave :( But before she left she told me these following words:

"Blaze, I had a REALLY good time last night. I usually avoid being on the live air at all cost but you guys made me feel very comfortable.
"... I just didn't want to leave until I got to add you."
 I was just touched by this. Getting a compliment this great from anyone would have been enough but from Icy! And let alone she wanted to add me, not me add her (which I would have asked anyways ;P). What a huge honor :)

So yea Icy, your probably going to read this post but it was amazing having you on the show and you probably saved our show so Thanks a bajillion times :) Also we hope to have you on Spiral Live again and maybe next time it will actually be planned ;P

Now I was going to talk about Spiral Live but then I noticed I did that in my last post so yea.... Awkward silence :P But hey go check out Episode 11 bellow and make sure to give us feedback on what you liked or didn't like.

 You can always and I mean always contact us at spirallivepodcast@gmail.com or our twitter @SpiralLive. Even Facebook if you want :P Also please check out the Spiral Live blog and follow it for all the Spiral Live updates etc.

Well thanks again for reading and I am glad to say I reached my goal of 35,000 views by 12/31/11 :D I am almost at 36,000 now! 400 more views XD  Remember to stay safe and check out the blogs Online Safety page for how to stay safe online and keep your personal life personal.

-Blaze Shadowhorn

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  1. Blaze, I'm very flattered by your blog entry and I'm very happy to have you on my friend's list. Bailey was very sweet to let me crash the battle to add you. Uber-wife indeed! Anyway, it's true. I love podcasting but being live on the air always makes me nervous. We talked about a lot of neat stuff and I hope people enjoy the episode. I would like to come back...but maybe if we plan it I'd get too nervous! :p

  2. Hey, i got to add Icy as well! yay! :D Nice post blaze :-)


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