Friday, September 30, 2011

Blaze's Mooshu Extravaganza!

Heyo peps!

Today I am going to be posting about my amazingly awesome, Mooshu Extravaganza house! So to start off, this is a outside kind of nature theme with lots of amazing twists and turns :)

Here we have the illustrious entrance which gives the real N in nature. It shows the vast trees in the outside along with many amazing plants and pets galore! 

Next we have our amazing Zen Garden which has the peaceful summer trees as well as a few lotus flowers to give it the nature touch. Included is a birdbath which the birds love as long as Mr. brown spider doesn't touch it. We all know that Mr. Spider is more interested in the amazing pasture behind the trees and the cart filled with fresh vegetables. Mmm. Delicious!

Here we have the petting zoo if you would. Here we have our chicken coops where our chickens produce the freshest and most organic eggs in the Spiral! They are able to do so due to the lush flowers in their possession. The chickens are fed daily with their special chicken food which is stored in the wheel-barrel. The chickens love this environment and they need constant care.

Who is that emerging from the mist! It is the great warriors of the village! The bearnians are the warriors that protect and keep the village safe. They make their entrances from their meeting zone which is right behind the magical waterfall. It is said that the waterfall has been there since the begining of time itself. 

Here we have a view of the magnificent entrance to the royal house of ages. Only those with the highest honor  in the village are allowed to dine and sometimes take part in living in this illustrious masterpiece. It has architecture fit for a king! Don't forget the amazing scenery and plant life that partakes in this rich living space. They even have their very own goat-master who watches over the village on the cliff in the bottom left corner.

A nice area to chill and kickback and view the amazing nature that is in the environment. You can take the bridge up and hop on up and kick your feet up and relax. You can also light the inside of the red pagoda to signal that you need assistance.

Here we have yet another zen relaxation zone where you can be catered by the goat master who will tend to your every command. Whether it be fetching you a snack or polishing your wand, he does the job. You can kick back and look up and view the glorious summer trees with their amazing color and patterns.

Here we have an amazing tunnel discovered by the monks ages ago yet no one has ever dared to enter. It is marked by two trees.

The entrance way to the magnificent holy of hollies room. In here there have been the initiations of some of the villages greatest warriors. It is guarded by the two elder monks of the village. 

The holy of hollies is the one room in the village that is where the villages greatest warriors have been initiated and been given the option of staying in this glorious house. It has the fountain of knowledge in which every hero must drink from to become initiated. The tiki's are where the onlookers look from.

The grand bedroom which has everything needed for royalty. It has the two finest beds in the whole village as well as a place for the owner to place his swords. It comes with a bookshelf, cabinet, and table.

Here is the bank in which the owner places his belongings.

The grand artifacts room in which the greatest warriors place their kimonos and pagodas to show their respect to the village. The artifacts in this room are respected with a lot of honor and dignity. They have been worn by the most brave and courageous warriors in the village.

The room in which the warriors and owners come to meditate in and relax. They can connect to previous warriors from the past and great monks who can help them.

Thank you for reading my very long post :) I hope you enjoyed what you saw and I hope you visit the village some day :) 
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

שנה טובה ומתוקה/Have a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year!

Hey guys!

I can't really post right now cause i'm getting ready for my holiday, Rosh Hashanah!!!. I just want to say that I will have many new posts out soon but until then, for all my Jewish Wizards out there (and there's a lot; but shout out to Quinn, Elijah LightThief, and Brandon from a few posts ago) , שנה טובה ומתוקה!!!  

Have a Happy and Healthy Sweet New Year :)

Until the next post, this is Blaze Shadowhorn saying so-long peoplez of the Spiral and  שנה טובה ומתוקה :)


Monday, September 26, 2011

New SLBeats Song, Everyday Routine.

New SLBeats song, Everyday Routine, composed and written by Blaze Shadowhorn.

You can view it on the Spiral Live blogs, SLBeats page here.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Big Surprise Is Out!!!

WOOT!!!! The big surprise that Nick and I released on Spiral Live has gone viral! So you know how the Spiral Live website was on Wix,.. Well now we have moved it to blogger! That's right, now the official Spiral Live website is on blogger. Nick and I spent countless hours making sure it was amazing and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we do. My favorite part is the Fan Art page just because it looks so epic! We also have  a forum and a music page where you can listen to music created by myself and Nick. We have the Friendly Intro on that page. So please check it out and follow it and leave a comment in the forum under guestbook.  Here is the link - Also HUGE props to John Spiritshade from Ambrose2Zeke because he created our amazing background!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the Spiral Live blog as much as we do,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spiral Live Episode 4 Live in an hour!

Spiral Live is going live in an hour!!!! We have a special surprise for all of you tonight! It has taken me and Nick countless hours of work but it is sooooo worth it!!! Make sure to tune in to Spiral Live Episode 4 on our livestream page. The excitement starts at:                                                               8:30 Eastern                                                        7:30 Central                                                        6:30 Montain                                                      5:30 Pacific

Cya then!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Argh ye ladies, this be here the Spanish mane. lol :P

YAHOOO!!!! Wizard101 has released new pets! They look pretty epic XD They range from 1,750-7,000 Crowns.The new pets are the Primal Wildclaw, Muscled Cat, Burning Pixie, Pink Jellyfish, and Skeletal Knight.  Here is a picture I found on my good friend Vanessa Emeraldglade's blog, The Diviners Lane:

I personally really want the Skeletal Knight because it looks Iceish :P It just looks very epic but low pedigree but who cares! It looks epic XD Nick wants the Wildclaw because it is cool lol. Well thats all for now, Spiral Live Episode 4 tomorrow night (Saturday) at 8:30 EST XD

Cya then!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Armor!!!

You know when your in school and you get bored. You know the feeling where you totally need something to do... Well I figured it out!

In school, I have started doing many Wizard101 drawings. They are sweet! I have made some drawings of random Ice wizards, a Wizard101 Elementalist for the Elementalists, and a completely new outfit which is based off of Lord of the Rings (LOTR), and Nicholas Lionrider's Zebrifica

So to start off, the Elementalists drawing is of a Wizard with a robe (kinda like mine), and he is controlling the 3 elements, Ice, Fire, and Storm. His hand is on fire like in Avatar (the cartoon and movie). His staff is a totally tricked out Ice wand that has the ice symbol at the top. Now for the Storm school, I have a cloud next to him and out of the cloud are numerous streaks of lightning. I personally like this one a lot but the hard part was figuring out what he would wear. It was complicated but it looks sweet. Here is a picture of the Elementalist:

The Elementalist

Next we have the new outfit based off of LOTR and Nick's Zebreifica. It was originally going to be like the Elvin outfits from LOTR with the kind of robe/kimono or what ever you want to call it with a school symbol broach. In this case it is the Ice symbol because I am ice but check out that staff XD Then the outfit became mixed in with jungle stuff so I thought, "Hey, Why not make it in-relation to Zebrifica!" So I started adding some (a lot) Tony the Tiger stripes :P It is like epicness and like the Elements staff, it is custom made. It is kinda like a double bladed spear head. The head spears intersect and yea... It's epic :P But the outfit is cool. I had a trouble with the boots. I might edit them up and look like the level 5 kinda boots and add some Tony the Tiger stripes. Now let's stop chatting and show the outfit shall we!

LOTR and Zebrifica Themed Outfit

Epic right XD Well here are some other drawings of mine. I like the Ice Wand because it just looks plain epic XD Well here ya go!

Random Ice Wizard

Epic Ice Wand 

Non-Finished Prestigious Outfit

So what do you think? You like? Leave a comment bellow and tell me what you think :D
Thanks for reading!
Cya Saturday for Spiral Live Episode 4 at 8:30 EST. Here is the link - Spiral Live Livestream

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost Artifacts Retrieved After Years!

Location - Krokotopia
*Krokotopia Music*

Blaze: Hey Alex, come look at this!

Alex: What? *rushes over to Blaze*

Blaze: *pulls out an old wooden chest* I found this chest inside the The Tomb of The Beguiler. I have a feeling something old and rare is inside this but being the nice brother I am, I wanted to open it with you.

Alex: Well what are you waiting for! I'm here so open it!

Blaze: WOOT! *slowly opens the chest* WOAH! Alex do you see what I see!

Alex: Yea! How couldn't I! It's been like 3 years since we've seen these!

Blaze: Yea these are pictures from when I was a low level and oh, I see you in that picture! We were doing an arena match, your fire (Alex Hawk) and my balance.

Alex: *sighs* Good times, good times.

Ah, I hope you all enjoyed that little skit of mine :) Well let me explain it if you didn't understand. 3 days ago, I took my old laptop in to my school to have them take the info on my old (beyond repair) laptop and put it on my current laptop. Well they did and I was shocked and stunned to see my old pictures!  They are when I was a level 50 on my Ice and my Balance was such a low level lol. My Balance and Storm were questing in Marleybone at the time and trust me, that was a while ago!

I found some of my old pictures I made and I was shocked to see how bad they were! Like they were boxes and no renders! :P Silly Modern Technology :P Well I am going to show you some of them and I want your input on them :) Just comment bellow and tell me what you think! And yes, I did have a girl wiz :P Got rid of her though. It's also surprising that my Myth just did the quest my balance is doing in picture 3 a few days ago!

Original Outfit #1

Original Outfit #2

Blaze (Balance) doing Newgate Prison Quest

Me and Alex 2v2

Original Drawings (before renders ;)

Eh... Horrible

Terrible drawing :P

You call that a strong Judgement hit! Check my Balance out 30 levels later ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed that slideshow back through time! Until next post :)
Cya in the Spiral,

Awesome Post

I have a sweet post coming to you guys in a couple hours :) Keep checking in every hour or so for the awesome post XD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New "About Me" Page

Please check out the new About Me tab which has all the info on me, Blaze Shadowhorn. It is awesome and I suggest you check it out :)

P.S. Sorry for the Short Post :P


Monday, September 19, 2011

New Icon and Page Setup

Hey guys!

So if your reading this your viewing the new page setup and you've probably seen the new icon. Well the purpose of the new header is for Project Rank Up. I am not going to go into details but if you want to know more about the awesome Project Rank Up click here. Also we have a new icon or how blogger calls it, a favicon,  which is what you see on blog lists. Right next to where it says my blog it used to show the  icon. Now it shows ! The M is the m in mywizard101site. I personally like my new amazing header which is pretty epic and it took me a while to render all the wizards :P I by accidentally saved them as a jpg. instead of a png. silly Blaze lol. Well I guess if I ever want to use them again I have to re-render them :P

Well thanks for reading!
Cya in the Spiral,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Email From Brandon

Well just now, I received an email from a guy named Brandon. It was a really touching email and I just want to share it with all of you and answer his question.

Just wanted to say good work on your whole blog, but your posting of the Kel
Maleh Rachamim was touching. It's nice when you find fellow Jews! So keep up
with the Jewish Pride and never let the hate get to you (cuz I'm sure
there's some hate, especially with what's going on in Israel now). So rock
on brother!

PS: I know it's none of my business but I like to find out what kind of
Judaism people practise, reform, conservative, orthodox?? I only ask cuz
your links are from Chabad so you obviously don't have to answer it if you
don't want to. In the interest of full disclosure my family is traditional

PPS: !שנה טובה ומתוקה"

Well 1st off, this got me straight in the heart :) This was a very touching email and I want to answer your question now Brandon.
So I am a conservative Jew. I keep Shabbat and I go to Shuel (Synagogue) like once or twice a month. I keep Kosher and I go to a private Jewish day school and I am fluent in Hebrew. Basically I am the higher level of conservative Judaism but any way you practice is a good way because you are still connected and always will be connected to your Jewish heritage.

Thanks again for the email :)

Actually I just found this Party Rock Anthem Rosh Hashanah Remix. This is awesome!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Rank Up

Hey guys! So I am working on a project that will be going on throughout the school year. It is called Project Rank Up. Basically I am going to be ranking up my Wizards to legendary. My Wizards which are taking place in this are as follows:
-Balance level 50
-Storm level 38
-Myth level 33
-Fire level 1

So I already have my outfits planned for them. They are sweet outfits which are epic and I will be making posts with updates on Project Rank Up and the title will be like Project Rank Up: Myth leveled up to grand or something of that sort.

Right now I am on my way to my week long event and I hope to see everyone when I get back!Spiral Live Episode 4 will be next Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 8:30 Eastern time. We have Ethan The Sound Guy with us and special guest hosts and amazing prizes :D until then,
This is blaze shadowhorn signing off :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cya on Monday!

Well I'm leaving school early today for the event I have that takes up the weekend. I am going to school now and then leaving early and going to my thing XD When I get back I have tons of stuff to tell all of you etc.

Cya then :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry I Haven't Been Posting Much

Sorry guys. I have been sooooo busy with school and soccer that I rarely have time for Wizard101 during the week. I have about 3-4 hours of homework every night and I get back late due to soccer which is from 4-6 every day! It's tough work and actually I just got back from soccer :P

I actually am not going to be on this weekend due to IRL stuff but I will be back next weekend to hang with everyone and SPIRAL LIVE XD Episode 4 is on 9/24/11 at 8:30 Eastern time.

Well I will try posting more and keeping you all up to date on news throughout the Spiral.
Also; I need contest ideas for the 100th Follower contest. I already have the prizes down which are:
Grand Prize - Wizard101 Gift Card
2nd and 3rd Place- 2 KI Codes Each
4th and 5th place are each any 20 treasure cards of your choice.

So if you have any ideas for the contest, please shoot me an email at or just comment bellow :)

Thanks :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


WOOT WOOT!!!! Today is the 1st ever mywizard101site Wizaversary!!! I am so glad I finally made it to this occasion XD I would not have been able to get here without the tremendous effort of our amazing community.

This community has inspired me ever so much and I am so glad that I get to share this day with all of you :) I actually reached a few goals of mine:

  1. Hit 20,000 views. Now we are almost at 25,000 views!!!!
  2. Hit 100 followers. Now I can finally host my 100th follower contest!!! (I need ideas though :P)
  3. I met many new Wizards throughout the Spiral and befriended many.
This next one wasn't a goal of mine but it has been a life changing experience for me...
     4. Being the co-host of Spiral live. 
This is a podcast run every other Saturday night by me (Blaze Shadowhorn) and Nicholas Lionrider, It starts at 8:30 Eastern time. We just had Episode 3 this past Saturday so next episode is September 24th, 2011.

Now this last goal was unaccomplished. First off, this was my main goal from the beginning. My goal was to be on the Wizard101 Fan Links page. This did not happen due to Wizard101 not accepting any more entries. Although was not accomplished, I now know that it isn't about the popularity about your blog or how well-known you are, it's about just enjoying what you do and make others happy as well :)

I am glad i'v reached this milestone in my blogging carer and so thank you to everyone :) I would not be here with out you.

To finish this off, I have a mywizard101site Wizaversary video for all of you. It is basically a video of mywizard101site and how it has progressed. Now before I show the video, I just want to ask of you to please follow this blog if you are not doing so already. The more support the better :)
Now without further a due, here is the video:

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your glorious week :)

P.S.  I will be hosting a Wizaversary party soon but as of now I don't know when.  
Thanks again :)
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Day That Will Be Remembered Forever...

September 11, 2001... What can be said about this day. This was the day that the United States of America faced it's first actual national devastation/terrorist attack.

The World Trade Centers in New York were hit by two planes each filled with innocent civilians.  The World Trade Centers were hit and tons of lives were lost on this day. Following the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington D.C. was hit. I remember this part the most because my father was supposed to go to the Pentagon that day... He was actually driving to the pentagon when the Twin Towers were hit. Finally another plane, flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This could have gone anywhere, maybe the White House or Senate but the passengers on flight 93 gave their lives to fight back and make a long term difference.

For me, 9/11 was a memorial day. I remember it vividly even though I was only in Kindergarten. I was at school and my mom came to pick me up early and then took me home. I remember sitting on the couch with my mom watching the T.V. and the devastating news that was streaming from it. It is a day that will stay with the us forever.

Now for those of you who know my religion, I am Jewish. I just want to take a moment to say a quick prayer for those who are not with us anymore.

Kel Maleh Rachamim - Prayer for the Soul of the Departed

For a Man:
Hebrew and Transliteration:
G-d, full of compassion, Who dwells on high, grant true rest upon the wings of the Shechinah (Divine Presence), in the exalted spheres of the holy and pure, who shine as the resplendence of the firmament, to the soul of
(mention his Hebrew name and that of his father)
who has gone to his [supernal] world, for charity has been donated in remembrance of his soul; may his place of rest be in Gan Eden. Therefore, may the All-Merciful One shelter him with the cover of His wings forever, and bind his soul in the bond of life. The Lord is his heritage; may he rest in his resting-place in peace; and let us say: Amen.
For a Woman:
Hebrew and Transliteration:
O G-d, full of compassion, Who dwells on high, grant true rest upon the wings of the Shechinah (Divine Presence), in the exalted spheres of the holy and pure, who shine as the resplendence of the firmament, to the soul of
(mention her Hebrew name and that of her father)
who has gone to her [supernal] world, for charity has been donated in remembrance of her soul; may her place of rest be in Gan Eden. Therefore, may the All-Merciful One shelter her with the cover of His wings forever, and bind her soul in the bond of life. The Lord is her heritage; may she rest in her resting-place in peace; and let us say: Amen.

 Here are a few videos regarding this day and a tribute to the troops and USA:
Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised

This is the one Ethan and I saw in Assembly. Very Very Sad...

Let me end this post with

God bless all of us, God bless the fallen soldiers, God bless the victims of 9/11, and God bless the United States of America.
Thank You.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sandman Leaving Spiral In 4 DAYS!!!

NOOOO!!! It's the end of the world as we know it (it's a song :P) Well as you probably guessed, the Sandman pet is leaving the spiral in 4 days :( I never got the chance to buy it :( If I get crowns in the next few days (which I finally might) I am going to get it. It is an amazing pet that has a high pedigree and has amazing talents. It's only also 2,500 Crowns!!! That's only $5 dollars. Anyways so make sure to check out the Sandman pet and say your last farewells to it because in approximately 4d:4hr:29m:37 seconds it is leaving the Spiral.

Also make sure to tune into Spiral Live Episode 3 tomorrow night for a special episode with the new awesome intro made by the amazing Friendly Necromancer! All the magic starts at:
8:30pm Eastern
7:30pm Central
6:30pm Mountain
5:30pm Pacific

You will be able to listen in here and make sure to view your website here. We'd love to hear back from you so leave us a quick comment :)

Thanks again for reading my post!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 More Days!!!

 *Random guy starts singing* Woot Woot that's the sound of the Police. *Blaze interrupts* Um, excuse me sir... That's actually the sound I make because in 6 days it's my WIZAVERSARY!!! Yea you heard me right. 6 more days until the 1st ever mywizard101site Wizaversary!!! This week in the Spiral Live Episode we will be having a special celebration to celebrate my Wizaversary because I can't celebrate on my actual Wizaversary because it is on a Monday (awwww) but still... IT'S MY WIZAVERSARY!!! I would never have made it this far without all the help and support of the fabulous community. Actually i'm gonna save all that mushy gooshy stuff till Monday ;) Anyways remember to tune into Spiral Live Episode 3 this Saturday at 8:30 EST.
You can view it from our livestream or from our website which you can find here.

Also in this episode, we are releasing the first ever showing of the new Spiral Live intro song created by everyone's favorite Wizard... *pause for dramatic effect; drum roll"...... THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER, THOMAS LIONBLOOD!!! WOOT WOOT! Nick and I love the amazing intro made by Friendly and it has the same techy sound as the Ravenwood Radio intro. It is pretty epic and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as Nick and I do :)

Well thanks for reading my post and I hope to see you Saturday :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

One Year On The Dot!

WOOT!!! Well if your wondering why i'm so excited is because in one year on the dot I will be 15 and a half! That means..... I can start practicing for my Driving Test!!!! I can't wait! I already know the car I am going to get. It is my dads Toyota Camry 2011. It's a pretty sweet car I must add. Check it out for your self:

Pretty epic right! Not as epic as a mega-bundle though :P See this post was Wizard related ;)

Anyways in 5 days is Spiral Live episode 3 which is going to rock! We have a new intro provided and writen by non other then.... THE FRIENDLY NECROMANCER!!!

Make sure to tune into Episode 3 on Saturday September 10th at 8:30 EST here.

Cya Wizzy friends :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogs To Follow

Hey guys!
So I kinda stole this idea from Ed Lifegem (hehe) but now I will be having a weekly (or whenever I get to it) post on new blogs in the spiral. As you know if you watched the first episode of Spiral Live, We have an intermission every episode where we have either a video or power point for the viewers. In the power point we have a part where we just publicize blogs. Basically I would really appreciate it if you guys checked out the following blogs and helped them get started XD

A favorite blog of mine (not that I have favorites but I like this one a lot)
Wizard101 Club -
-Courtney Willowheart and Angel

A Theurgistic Life -
-Wolf Sky

This next one is just a site but I highly suggest you check it out:
Honorary Detectives Page -
-Wolf Sky created it but Ed and I heads of it also

Here is the Wizard City Protectors blog  -

Please follow these amazing blogs and help them get known in the Wizard101 community :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

KIFG Back Up!!!

YAY!!!! KI Free Games (KIFG) is back up!!! No more playing constantly to get a high score and not get a prize! Well now you can! I just got the info from Christopher Iceblade about the new Prizes for the month of September:

Christopher Iceblade

@BlazeShadowhorn For the month of September 2011, the bonus items include reagents, pet snacks, gardening seeds, rental mounts, transformations and rare casting wands!

Basically this is the same rewards from July but... Who doesn't love getting free items especially awesome wands/swords! 
Well that's the end of today's post but if you want to go play KIFG now click on the following link:
Remember to tune into Spiral Live next Saturday, September 10th for Episode 3. You would be able to view it here

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!

Happy Birthday Wizard101!!! Wizard101 turns 3 years old as of this month!!! Celebrations will be going on throughout the whole month. There will be many giveaways, contests etc.We have a good 20 Million Wizards to celebrate this birthday with! Make sure to constantly check the Ravenwood News for updates on the birthday and contests etc. You can also get a special Birthday item if you go to the following link. I got an epic item which I got last year but you can get various items from this code. Wizard101 3rd Birthday Code.

Also I love how the decorated Ravenwood! It is sooooo epicness. Well I decided to mix and match some items I have never worn to make a special "Wizard101 Birthday Outfit" XD Here it is:

Isn't it just awesome! Well anyways don't forget to do the code and make sure to stop by Ravenwood to check out all the awesome decorations!

Once again, Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!

Happy Birthday Wizard101!!!  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Mounts, New Houses/Friendly Made Spiral Live Intro Song

New stuff, no way!!!! So earlier today while in school (yes I texted during school but we are allowed ;) Nick texted me saying that the new mounts and houses came out! I was sooo excited to hear this I was like "say what!" He said that the new mounts costed 12,500 Crowns. I was like "are yoy serious! That's like super duper expensive!" Turns out he was not joking :P Well before I get started on that, here is the stuff that was released today:

  • New Pegasus Mounts
  • New Houses
So yea, the Pegasus mounts cost 12,500 Crowns and sadly you can not buy it for gold :( I hope they make a few contests so you can win it XD If I ever have a lot of spare crowns (after i'm done questing in Wintertusk and Wysteria) I am probably gonna get the Pegasus. 

There are two different Pegasus mounts:
  • Skyracer Pegasus (White with Blue Mane)
  • Nightflame Pegasus (Black with Red Mane)
I would get the Skyracer Pegasus because one it matches my outfit (duh), and two it matches my outfit (and it's cooler ;) Here is a picture from the Wizard101 website on the Nightflame Pegasus:

Also the Sunken Palace and Wizardly Watchtower came live! I was surprised because you can get the Wizardly Watchtower for 7,500 Crowns while the Sunken Palace is the usual 100,000 Crowns. These are available to be purchased for gold which I am excited about because the Watchtower is 75,000 Gold and the Sunken Palace is the usual 100,000 Gold. I am gonna chuck my small Mooshu house and get the Watchtower for 75,000 Gold. 

Now the big announcement..... 
Friendly made the Spiral Live intro song!!!! 
It is amazing!!! It is totally Spiral Liveish and it has our signature jungle... "Ethan the sound guy" :) It is pretty epic. Thanks sooooo much to Friendly for the amazing intro song :D If you want to hear it make sure to listen into Spiral Live episode 3 September 10th at 8:30 EST.
Just go to our livestream which you can find here and then your set :)

Well until then, 
Keep it frosty, Ethan the sound guy, and Cya in the Spiral!