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August 22, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

   Hello all ye pirates, today I will be tellin ye the tale the distant land called Valencia. Okay, no more pirate lingo for me let's get down to the real news. Valencia is the beautiful land that is full of rich art, science and music. Most of Valencia revolves around culture and how the people there flourished with these aspects. Many photo's of large Valencia Pieces have been taken though no one is sure what they do. The city is well built though I have a feeling that this will fall quickly do to the arrival of Kane and his armada. Kane is a robot also known as clockwork in Wizard101 and now Pirate101 (evidence: "The recent invention of Clockworks was a wonder, whose full impact has yet to be seen" (Pirate101.com/valencia). Kane seems to look much like, to me personally, the Phantom of the Opera. He really doesn't though I just think the mask looks similar. I think it might be kinda weird if the main villain in the Pirate101 story arch was singing man in a mask. Kane and his armada seem to have gotten minds of their own and are planning evil things behind the Valencian's backs. Speaking of Valencians I should describe what and who they are.

   The people of Valencia are unicorns. The unicorns much like the famous ones such as Diego the Duelmaster, Roberto (Diego's arch Nemesis) and Benedict Glendemming of Wysteria roam here and are the dominant species. Along with the unicorns are the hardy crabs and the guinea pigs. Not much is known about these two species but is assumed that they look like the crabs from Celestia and a entirely new mob we have never seen before. The skyways and stormgates of Celestia are like storms like the sky since Valencia is a dark place at this time do to the clockworks evil plans. More will come soon from the land of Valencia and there is always more to be revealed, until then, keep on sailing the Skyways :)

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