Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash Overview | Contest Update

August 12, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

How should I start this post... OH! I know... WOAH!!!!!
The Diary of a Wizard 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash was a huge success as always! This year, not only was it the Diary of a Wizard Birthday Bash but yesterday also was Fallon Shadowblade's birthday!!! Everyone had an amazing time celebrating as a community. I wore a pretty nice outfit so check it out!

Now before I start blabbering on about it's epicness, let's get a re-cap of the day shall we? (Credit to Ed for the post layout ;P)

7:30 am

Logged on Wizzy to camp out with Ed (our new tradition)

Me, Ed,  and Blaze Dragonhorn hanging out in Ravenwood

Blaze jumping 

More people are flooding in for the biggest party of the year!
Starting to gain more people in Ravenwood
Random photo??? 
Hanging out with some friends in Fallon's amazing house!
Hanging with friends :)

Got to meet two awesome guys. Got to add Ian (Icy's son)

Different vantage point

Me and Mark Swiftgem "Elementary my dear Watson!"

Me in the PvP Arena
Getting some photos with friends for this blog post
Me and Ed 

Me and the epic dinning room

Me, Stephen, Ditto, and Edward all got together for a group photo

Ported to Edward's house to take a few group photos (a few people were afk during the photo)
Me Stephen, Edward and Fallon


After that, I had to leave to go to the beach were I caught some killer waves but what ever :P The Ravenwood Ball has been the one thing I have looked forward to for the past year and i'm glad it finally came and it lived up to my expectations and even went above! We had tons of games of Tag and Find the Objects at Fallon's house. It was amazing having the most of the community together in one place for one special event that happens once a year.

As I wrap this up, I just want to say one last thing....
Happy Birthday Diary of a Wizard and a Happy Birthday to Fallon Shadowblade *applause*

I can't wait for next years Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash!

In other news, the contests so far are at huge number entries!!! Mine & Swordroll's contest for 3 Closed Beta Codes for the new MMO RaiderZ and since Swordroll hit 105 (currently 107) followers, he added 2,500 Crowns to the prize! You can check that contest out here. My contest which I was hoping to reach 150 followers by my blogaversary on September 12th well... I already hit 150!!! Yup I hit it which means 2,500 Crowns were added to the giveaway which included 3 Hoards. You can view that contest here.

In those RaffleCopter options to get new entries, there is an option where you can become a member on Kingsisle Universe and that gives you +4 entries. Sadly, some people have been misusing it. They have been clicking on the +4 but not actually signing up for Kingsisle Universe. The one rule I have made strict is that if you win, your winning option will be checked to confirm you have done the proper things. If that means becoming a member on Kingsisle Universe and you won but you didn't do it, your entry is disqualified and I will pick someone else. Anyways, if you have skipped over that, make sure to go become a member on Kingsisle Universe because it truly is an amazing fansite/database/forum. How should I know? Because i'v recently become the Co-Founder of Kingsisle Universe!!! It's such an honor and I can assure that Kingsisle Universe will be the best it can be with the help of the community and our one of a kind staff. If you would like to sign up and see what all the talk is about, click here. You can sign up normally or through Facebook (which is easier). I highly suggest you go check Kingsisle Universe out and become a member. I guarantee that you will love what we have to offer :)

Anyways, thanks for reading my post. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend :)

See you in the Spiral!


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