Mini-Game Madness!

August 16, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

MINI-GAME MADNESS!!! As always, KingsIsle does not disappoint and they came up with some amazing games. Some look like various flash-games you'd see on the web and some are very unique and intriguing! So far there is an assortment of six different mini-games. Here's some background info on them and how you play them.

Coin Drop:
Pirate treasure coins are stacked in a confusing mass, and you need to clear away as many coins as possible so the stack doesn't raise above the foul line! 

How do you play?
-Drop Pirate bounty coins with the game claw
-Match coins in groups of three of a kind or more to earn points
-Hurry to match many coins before the coin platform raises above the foul line

Pirate's Pub:
In this mini game, it's a race to the end of your shift as you serve up cold frothy glasses of Yum to impatient Pirates.

How do you play?
-Pass a glass of Yum to each Pirate in line
-Collect maximum tips in the allotted time to win
-Be careful not to break glasses by sending them down empty bars
-Don't make the Pirates wait too long or they get upset!

Powder Keg:
Shoot back enemies and keep your tower standing as long as you can in this action packed mini game! 

How do you play?
-Protect your tower from monsters & Pirates
-Don't let the enemies get to you
-Get bonus points for accuracy
-Collect treasure from fallen enemies

Rat Attack:
Control an infestation of pesky rats with your powerful cannon in this fast paced Pirate mini game.

How to play?
-Blast away rats from the ship deck with your cannon
-Avoid hitting charging rats & spiders who lay down barrels to get in your way
-Use special rapid fire missiles to clear the ship
-Attack with special items like Scatter Shells, Sidewinder Shells, Explosive Shells and many more!

Rouge's Range:

Get your target practice in by shooting Pirate cut-outs with this first person shooter mini game!

How to play?
-Shoot Pirate cut outs in the shooting range
-Make sure you don't fire on friendly allies
-Shoot gems to get bonus points

The Skyway can be a busy place, as you see by having to avoid enemies and blasting cannons in the Windjammer mini game.

How to play?
-Navigate your ship through hostile territory
-Use cannons to destroy enemy ships and obstacles
-Avoid bumping into ships and objects
-Use special steam boosts to burst ahead

Now that you'v had a briefing on all of the mini-games, which do you think will be the most popular? I personally like Rouge's Range the most :P Is it me or does Pirate's Pub seem like Diner Dash in a ways?

See you in the Spiral!

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  1. Woah some of these look pretty cool! Thanks for the info, Blaze!



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