Interview With Christina Icedreamer!

August 08, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hey guys! So if you remember when I was still doing Spiral Live, Nick and I were doing a New Year's Extravaganza featuring an interview with Ravenwood Radios, Stephen Spiritcaller. Sadly, the file was corrupted and we couldn't play the interview so Icy jumped in to help us out. We interviewed each other and we all had a blast. It just came to me that I never posted the actual interview here so I decided to do that now. Since the interview was very long and had tons of random stuff i'm going to skip some pars but if you would like to listen to it, click here and go to 38:51. If you'd like to read the interview, please keep reading.

Christina: Hellooo!

Me & Nick: Hello.

Christina: Happy New Year!

Me & Nick: Happy New Year!

Nick: Thanks.

Christina: I'm sorry your interview with Even... Oh heavens! *chuckles* I promise I have not been drinking *chuckles* I, i'm sorry your interview with Stephen didn't work out.

Nick: Yea. I don't know. It was weird.

Me: Yea...

Nick: It was a good interview though!

Me: Yea it was. we didn't mess up or slur at all.

Christina: That's good. Well I heard one of you went from the beginning of Zafaria till the end in one night.

Nick: Yup, that was me.

Christina: Thats insane!

Nick: Yea. it was, it was tough. You kill dozens of Lions, Rhinos, and Zebras. I swear I feel like I watched Lion King 17 times and then I was done.
*Christina laughs*

Christina: Um... Ugh what was I thinking. Oh! Did any of you buy the Boon Tree from the Crown Shop?

Nick: Uh I was thinking about it since i'm doing a lot of gardening now but I was like eh but I checked Friendly's blog and he said that it doesn't even drop itself so it's not worth it.

Christina: Interesting you should say that because first of all, when leveling in gardening, last year they had that Holiday Tree and when you bought it you could level all the way up to 10 just by taking care of the tree. So I was like yea i'll get that for my Necromancer who does no gardening but then it was like oh it doesn't drop it's own seed so I was like nahhh. Then somebody gave me some crowns and I got it. And I was reading though Diana Wildheart um who runs a really nice blog. She got a couple of pets. Actually I think 3 or 4. She got some really nice stuff when it got to Elder so if your interested in some of those pets, the 2000 Crowns actually pays for itself. But if you don't want some Ice pets then don't get it.

Nick: Yea I don't know. It wouldn't really fit the Pyromancer house. I don't know if Blaze wants it.

Me: If it drops Ice pets, then i'm really tempted to get it. I have a few spare crowns and...

Christina: Yea and when one Ice pet costs 3000 crowns, it pays to get it.

Me: Agreed.

Christina: But I must say, when it starts growing, it's super cute. It's like a little tree with a Santa hat on top.

Nick: Like it's a tree with a santa hat. of course it would be cute.

Christina: Plus the loot is amazing so i'm glad I bought it. Yea I'll just open it up. Shout out to my friend Diana.

Nick: Yea were both friends with Diana. Actually I don't know if were doing it or not but she gave us the chance to give away a Chrismoose to be donated on the show.

Christina: I have to tell you she's the nicest lady and i'm glad I got to meet up with here. Oh ok here it is. It likes Garden Gnomes and those wrapped presents you can buy in the crowns shop. Oh it also likes Milk & Cookies, and the snowman house item. Yea I got some wrapped gifts from it, a wreath, a few housing items and i'm looking forward to some of those pets.

*Contest Stuff*

Me: So Icy would you mind doing a quick interview on the spot?

Christina: Why sure but as soon as were done i'm gonna have to go because there is a little Diviner out of bed running loose in my house *chuckles*.

Me: IAN!!!

Christina: Yea that's Ian and then i'm gonna go ask him if he want's to live to see 2012 *chuckles*.
Me: haha so yea, how does it feel to be the amazing Ice Wizard you are and work with Petnome? Like what are the responsibilities at Petnome?

Christina: I have to tell you honestly, I love the people at Petnome and they really are my friends. I don't know how many people listening actually know that those of us who work at Petnome and Ravenwood Radio actually are friends in real life and have met up. I think from all the people at Petnome who work really hard, I may have contributed 3 things to Petnome. *breaks out into laughter* I'm not really on that team and as easy as they make that interface system and talent, i'm like duhhhhh and I just email it to them.You know the thing I think about being on Petnome is that you play a lot at the cannon game. And you have to be highly committed to helping people learn about the game and how they want to spend their crowns. What they do is very invaluable because it helps them spend their real life money how they want to. You know and not waste it on a pet.

Nick: Yea like I like how its like okay so i'm gonna waste my money on a pet that doesn't have that great stats let's say I wanted a healing pet i'm not gonna get one that might have spritely or have something like Yultide Spirit.

Christina: Yea like when I saw the Ice Ninja Pig I was like there is no way i'm not getting that.

Nick: Yea like they have all those different pets, talents and everything and I just don't think I could do that.

Me: Neither do I.

Christina: That's Kevin for ya. He just knows how to show responsibility and leadership and he teaches us that loyalty and all that sending stuff in and making forums just makes my brain melt. No pun intended. So yea, what I really wish is that they had an iPod app. Like I wish I could just pull out my iPod while i'm in-game and check Petnome there instead of switching my screen  because i'm lazy haha.
Nick: It's funny how you said that because when I got my new iPhone for Christmas I downloaded WizardBlox and wondered didn't Kingsisle say they'd have a new pet training app?

Christina: Yea like i'll tell you something but people always think I work for Kingsisle which I don't but in fact I did meet J-Todd for about 9 seconds and I squealed like a little girl.

Nick: That's 9 more than I have.

Christina: I'm older than him and I should be a little less of a fan girl but like I know that when they say they will do something, they will get it done. They aren't like World of Warcraft and such who just stream you along.

Nick: Yea that's another thing. Blizzard and Kingsisle are much different corporate companies. Kingsisle is more family friendly and says we'll get it done and Blizzard just throws random updates out there.

Christina: Yea but when Activision bought out World of Warcraft from the original company, the management and how they treated their players changed. Like Kingsisle works to base Wizard101 for kids and families and I just have to say it's more wholesome. Yet the one thing I have to say is in World of Warcraft you can write to a GM that someone is using foul language and they will take care of it right there. Your not limited to cursing or racial stuff. It gets pretty ugly sometimes.

Nick: Yea like with Kingsisle you have to write to Customer Support that you've been falsely reported. They get back to you in 2-3 days saying sorry for the delay and that they will try to resolve it.

Christina: Thats the thing. If you had a interface in Wizard101 where you could say some of my crowns are missing, or I bought the wrong crowns item-not that that happens but you can have something done right there about it. And now i'm getting off track so anyways, the folks at Kingsisle don't say we'll give you another way to train your pets when your not home and it doesn't happen. That's something I really respect about them.

Me: Yea I actually have sent a email a few days ago regarding the Mystery Coupons and how I never got one and how I wanted to buy crowns but I didn't have a coupon and they got back to me in under 2 hours so I was really impressed with that.

Christina: I think it depends on the situation. Like they knew that there were probably many Wizards wondering where their code was and most companies would say you can't put a coupon on a discount crowns sale while Kingsisle is just like 'hey we just want you guys to play and enjoy the game'. Their growing in subscribers while World of Warcraft and other games are dropping in subscribers.
Nick: Yea i'v noticed that. Like Wizard101 has had a mountain of subscribers while World of Warcraft is at 20 million, then 18 million, and back up to 20 million. Like they even out but you can see that people and families are signing up for Wizard101 because although World of Warcraft is a fun game and has raiding and epic mounts and stuff. It's sometimes a pain in the neck.

Christina: Yea like sometimes it will shut down on Tuesday mornings for a long time and i'm sorry that this turned into a Wizard101 World of Warcraft comparison topic but if I had to pick one game I would pick Wizard101 hands down. Yea I can get a year in Wizard101 for 4 months in WoW but Wizard101 is the game and if you want to try something else i'd say LOTRO.

Me: Oh! LOTRO! I love that game!

Nick: Yea but i'd say the best community outside of Wizard101 is Minecraft.

*Christina chuckles*

Nick: I, i'm a big Minecraft fan.

Me: Nick is Minecraft crazy in a ways.

Nick: Some of the community is more uptight but it evens out in a ways.

Christina: Yea Minecraft is neat but the interesting thing is Minecraft doesn't host any of it's own servers.

Nick: Nope you have to build your own. They say go to the website, download server stuff and make it yourself.

Christina: Like I could never let Ian sign up for something on his own because lord only knows what there could be. But the developers of Minecraft are very generous with their code. I don't know if you guys knew this but Curse also has Minecraft mods now and not just World of Warcraft. You might want to cover your eyes at some of the ads, or I might cover them for you. *Nick chuckles*. Yea like my son plays Minecraft a lot more than he plays Wizard101 these days and he is crazy about it. He actually got a new Netbook for Christmas with a 64 bit operating system so his Minecraft time would be even more fun. And yea he is really spoiled haha. But yea at the beginning you guys were asking how it's like to be someone everyone knows. I have to tell you it could be not more than an accident that people came to know me. Fallon Shadowblade who ran Diary of a Wizard and I mentioned it on my irl twitter feed and I guess she had a thing that recognized mentions of Wizard101 and such and she messaged me and after a few days I created a IcyWiz feed so my friends wouldn't know i'm a girl playing a video game. You know I didn't do it to become well known in the community or anything but to keep my life separate and I offered to come on Ravenwood Radio kind of like a lark because they needed people to talk about the game who knew more about it then them and I got to be good friends with Stephen and Leesha and then the next week a guy who modded the chatroom got sick and they knew I was a mom and I knew what kids should and shouldn't say so they asked if I wanted to mod for the episode and it took off from there. And I enjoy it, I really do and I would have never met people like Fallon, Kevin, Cass Dragonheart and many others and now they are all really close friends of mine and now. Honestly I never planned to be The Icy Wiz or have Tip of the Iceberg.

Nick: And meet Friendly.

Christina: Talk about the nicest person I know.

Me: Oh yes definitely.

Nick: Talk about a great guy.

Me: His whole family in general. Tom, Bailey, Kyle, Amber... They are just the nicest people.

Christina: They are nice people. They are a nice family and you just wish there were more people like them.

Nick: More of those gamer dads.

Christina: Like in high school I tried out for the school plays and in committees but like you do things that you know will get you attention. All I did was start a small twitter feed and everything broke out. Like in families it's good to have your own thing because otherwise you and your family might compete on who can level the fastest or who is a better PvP player.

Me: So yea, we still have one more question to wrap this up from Justin so his question was 'Would you like to see more of Wysteria released somtime?'

Christina: Oh yes, most definitely.

Me: What do you think about a Wysteria expansion?

Christina: I really like the idea and I wish they would make a full world of it because I think it's really cute and nice. I wish we could get more gear like theirs because the Pigswick hat they gave us is very dorky.

Nick: Yea it looks like an elf.

Christina: It looks like a night cap.

Me: It might look good on the Pigs there but on actual Wizards it doesn't look good.

Christina: Yup well guys I appreciate you letting me hop in on your show instead of Stephen even if he's the crowd favorite and let's try to get the interview with Stephen again. So yea, be good, don't put your picture all over the internet and I will see you in the Spiral.

Me: Bye!

Nick: See ya!

Me: Don't kill Ian.

Christina: *laughs* I wont!


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