Prestigious Say What? Zafaria Say What? New Pets & CONTEST PRIZES!!!

December 23, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 1 Comments

On the first day of Hanukkah my parent's gave to me, a Nerf Crossbow that can shoot 100 feet.
On the second day of Hanukkah my parent's gave to me, nothing!
On the third day of Hanukkah Ravenwood Radio gave to me an Epic Bundle!!!

Yup you heard right! I finally got the Epic Bundle without spending even a penny! For Ravenwood Radio Episode 54 they had a dorm and song contest. Of course I entered because honestly who doesn't want a chance at a few bundles! So I sadly didn't win the song contest which I thought was epic but oh well which really leaves the dorm contest for me to win. So... yea I won :) I was legit flipping out (in a good way) when I got the email yesterday :D You can ask Alex. I kinda got to excited :P 

Now since I have had many requests to see my dorm *cough cough Blaze Dragonhorn* I'm gonna post the pics I sent in. So here ya go Blaze and everyone else :)

Like? Ravenwood Radio sure did! :D Well now onto my song. It's pretty epic :) I hope you like it :) It's to the tune of Alvin and the Chipmunks song Christmas Song.

(c) SLBeats
Blaze Shadowhorn

(Stephen:)We are live to hard drive
(Fallon:)I'd say we are
(Ditto:)Yeah, Lets go live now!
(Stephen:)Ready Ditto?
(Stephen:)Okay, Fallon?
(Computer:)Error error connection lost.
(Fallon:) OK!!!

Wednesday, Wednesday is almost here,
Time for a podcast and tons of cheers.
We've been good, but we can't last,
Hurry Stephen, Hurry fast.
Want a prize that wins tons of crowns,
(Stephen:) I want to head to Olde Town. Shop at the Bazaar and it’ll be great, Please Wednesday don’t late.

(Ditto:) Ok Fellas, Get ready.
That was very good, Stephen.
(Stephan:) Naturally!!
(Dave:)Uh Fallon, You were a little flat
So, watch it, Fallon...Fallon?.. FALLON!!!
(Fallon:) OK!!!

Need a mic with epic sound. Don’t let livestream let you down.
(Stephen and Fallon) We can hardly stand the wait,
Please Wednesday don't be late.
We can hardly stand the wait,
Please Wednesday don't be late.


So yea. Coolness :) So yea. I love my new Epic Bundle. Thanks a bajillion to Stephen Fallon and the Ravenwood Radio crew for the epic prize :) 

Now onto my new gear. Previously I had the frosty vestment robe and my hat and boots. That was my signature gear. But now it's time for a change. I tried pulling off that other outfit but it just didnt fit with the robe. Now I have the robe I wanted and I can finish my outfit so check dis out! Already stitched and the new Blaze Shadowhorn outfit :D

So now earlier I was chillin with Blaze (Lil B) Dragonhorn and we were at my new MFP and it was the first time I was in it and he took the liberty of being the first in the PvP arena.... Silly Blaze :P 

SO I am also thanks to the 5,000 Crowns I got, started ZAFARIA!!! Yea buddy! I also met a blog reader of mine named Austin Deathpetal who is one awesome dude. It's funny because when I was in the pet pavilion with Paige Moonshade and Nick he came up to me and was like are you Blaze Shadowhorn and I was like yea. Then I introduced him to Paige and Nick and then we all took a photo.

Then Austin was helping me in Zafaria with a quest and we ran into Cass Dragonheart and said hi  to her. Basically Austin met Paige, Cass, Nick and I all in one day! I have never known someone who has met 4 well-known wizards in public in less then 2 hours. It wasn't even at a party! 

Spiral Live Episode 11 is a week from today on next Friday 12/30/11. We are still not 100% sure about our guest host(s) but we might pre-record something for you guys with some people ;) 

The prizes for the show so far are:
  • 1 Marvelous Minions Pack donated by Sierra Mist (The Drake Flame)
  • A Charity Christmoose from Diana Wildheart if it is still in the Crowns Shop
  • Me and Nick are coming up with a crowns shop prize for you which will be good.
  • Some Crowns
  • A few mysterious prizes
  • Mystery givers
  • Some KIFG codes
We hope to see you in the chatroom for our New Years themed Episode :D

Well that raps up this post. Oh wait there are new pets!!!
Introducing the 13 Days of Wizard pet! :D

This is the new Snowball pet. Costing a shallow 3,400 Crowns and it is a limited time only pet, this is the way to go! 60 Pedigree. 5 minute Hatch time. Gives 1 card at baby. It's amazing! It comes with this epic new spell called Snowball Strike which I haven't seen but Nick saw when him and Patrick Emeraldpyre were farming Tree of Life earlier. It seems like an epic spell plus I hear it has epic talents :D 
Bellow is a picture of the Snowball Strike spell which has 80% acuracy and does 185 ice damage to all and gives +20% to next Ice Attack spell to all.

Well that is the end of this post. From my Wizard to you I wish you a Happy Holiday Season and if you are in school-enjoy the Winter Break :D

-Blaze Shadowhorn
*Keep It Frosty!*

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