Spiral Live Episode 13... Win!

January 29, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Great show for episode 13. Was nervous but had some great viewers and a excellent after party. Uber Wife (The wife of the Friendly Necromancer) also known as Bailey Skystaff dropped in our chat room and owned me in PvP. I got "burned" pretty bad when I was killed by a Rain of Fire. Saddest part was of all transformations she was a fairy. So I got killed, by a fairy. Embarrassing much. Anyways great show, even without Blaze. His segment was good and I think our viewers really enjoyed it. So my rating was a 5/5 just for working. Being alone I thought I would just like ruin everything. But it all worked out and I am happy. :)

Well I have talked to Nick and listened to the podcast and I must say I agree that it went very very well :D I loved the intro music and I loved the Twilight reference :P "Seriously Girls. If you see a guy in the commons named Jacob in a wolf transformation don't go will you be my bf." LOL Nick :P Saying you winged this I say it went very well :) I hope you all liked my Segment at the end :)

Well if you didn't listen in, you can watch it bellow.
Thanks for reading!

Watch live streaming video from spirallive at livestream.com


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Contest Winner, Spiral Live, W101 Insider, Transformations, New Level70 Gear!

January 28, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Hello my friendly Wizardly readers :)

If you remember in my last MEGA POST I mentioned that I was having a contest which you had to find the difference in the two photo's of me and Jason from Swordroll. First off I had tons of feedback for this Contest which I am so happy about XD As you can recall, the prize was a Hoard of your choice. That means a Dragon, Wyvern, or Raven Hoard. Well let's get onto the good part shall we.

Answer: The difference was I had my Dark Crow on in one photo and my Snowball in the other photo :)
I put the winning answers into RANDOM.ORG and this is what it said....

Congrats Tatiana Shadowflame! Since we are already friends in game just tell me which hoard you want and I will gift you it.

It's January 28th which means it's Episode 13 of Spiral Live :D Sadly I won't be hosting tonight because I am out of town but Nick will still be hosting :) make sure to listen in LIVE at livestream.com/spirallive at 8:30 EST.

In other news, Wizard101 Insider is back up and running! There is tons f new stuff and I highly go check everything out. Add me as a friend - Blaze S.H.

Go check out Wizard101 Insider at wizard101insider.com

Well those Test Realm Transformations have gone viral and you can now buy them in the crowns shop for 75 Crowns or 500 Gold :D Go check em out now and see all of them first hand XD

On the topic of the Crowns Shop, KingsIsle has released tons of new level 70 gear!!! There is a outfit for every school and then an outfit for anyone.

Well that's the end of this post. Sorry that there are no pictures and the links don't link. I'm typing this on my Itouch so it has it's errors :P

Dont forget about Spiral Live tonight and 8:30 EST at livestream.com/spirallive

Cya in the Spiral!


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Sayonara Mooshu! The Storm Says Goodbye!

January 26, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Hasta La Vista Mooshu! My Storm has finally finished Mooshu and moved on to Dragonspyre!

I have gotten him from level 38 to 42 XD Major props to me for actually leveling him up :P This means I finally got my level 42 Spell, Stormzilla and my level 42 Fire spell, Helephant! I also got to take down Cyrus Drake but here's the funny part. Someone was already fighting him! I jumped in the battle and we finished Cyrus off. It was weird because it was 2 people vs. Cyrus Drake. This is supposed to be a 1v1 battle but I guess if someone is in there doing the quest you can battle him together!

Note that battling him is a one time thing. If you die you don't get the chance to battle him again.

Here are some photos I took while finishing up Mooshu and starting my adventurous time (get it adventure time ;)  in Dragonspyre.

Me entering a hut in Kishibe Village

I like the aura coming off the lanterns XD

Level Up :D

You wanna go  boy?

Epic photo

I always liked this fountain by Plague Oni

Woah glitch a-bit?

Yay Tempest!

Don't mess with me boyy

The Candles and Entrance to the netherworld!

Bow chicka wow wow!

O: Agony Noshimori :P It rhymes :P



A Spirit Cage drops to the ground.

Level Up Again!

Lego Village of Sorrow

Taste Darkness Bacon Boy!

So this is what the wraith does with his soul...

It's raining men wait what? 

Yawn i'm tired :P

enjoy your nap!

Brahm got a Leprechaun :P I got one already ;)

Taste lightning!

Nick hit's with Rain of Fire
Taste Lightning... again! :P

You wanna take a nap like your cousin?

Your welcome Emperor :)

All in a Days Work :)


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Wizard101 UK Wizard :D

January 25, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Yes I have finally created a Wizard101 UK Wizard. I kinda made him last week after Spiral Live :P I haven't done questing with him yet but I will soon. He's the usual Blaze Shadowhorn Ice level 1 Thaumaturge.

Interesting fact time!!!

  • Did you know that Wizard101 UK crowns are half the price of Wizard101 US crowns? Talk about Crazy!
  • Did you know that you can buy a extra housing elixer in Wizard101 UK for only 1,000 Crowns?
  • Did you know that you can buy the Ancient Spear of Power which comes from the Epic Bundle in the Crowns Shop? Talk about luck!

But yea. Nothing much to explain :P Here are some photos I took in game.


I can fly!!!

Say what?

Rare Pet!!! :D

Isn't this only for Epic Bundle?


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