The Party Completed

October 08, 2018 Shadowhorn 2 Comments

Alas, our celebrations have come to an end. PvP, Hide and Seek and dancing in the commons. I had a blast at my Eight Year Blogaversary + W101 Decaversary Party and I hope you did too!

I want to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you who came out to the stream and joined us in game because you honestly made this party enjoyable. While the turnout wasn't huge (apologies for not promoting it sooner), we got to celebrate together and I'm very appreciative of you coming out for this.

Blog Post Winners
As you may recall, in the last blog post, if you left a comment recollecting on your most fond memory of Wizard101 or why you love the game, you would be eligible to win 1,000 crowns! We had some prizes left over from the stream and so I decided to give both entrants, Battlesprite and Winterberry93 a code for 1,000 crowns each! Let's first take a look at what their responses were.

"My most fond memory of Wizard101 is waiting for Celestia to drop! I was rushing to catch up and level to 50, and just made it the day before Celestia was released. I had no xp bar for a day then back to questing!" -Battlesprite
Celestia was not one of my favorite worlds but it was the first world I got to experience the day it launched and the memories I made there were one's that I will always cherish. Back to questing we young wizards went!

"My fondest memory of Wizard101 is leveling up to 18 in gardening! It has taken me forever to get to this point, but I am so proud of myself. :)" -Winterberry93
Level 18 in gardening? woah! That's incredible! I don't recall how far I got, but I believe I maxed out a few years back and then they added all these new levels and plants. Back in the days of Couch Potato farms.

Thank you both for submitting your responses and I will be sending you your codes immediately.

Once again, thank you to everyone who celebrated with me. It was a milestone I hope to continue to share with you for years to come.

See you in the Spiral!


  1. Thank you for the crowns and the shoutout. :)

    I find gardening in W101 so much fun!

    Just curious, with all the nostalgia and new updates, do you have any plans to pick up gardening again in the future?

    -Emma @Winterberry93

  2. Hey Emma, thanks for dropping by!

    I definitely do have plans to get back into gardening. For me, it's more of when I can find the time to properly sit down and get it all going. Can't wait to get my Couch Potatoes up and running though!



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