Thank You For 10 Years of Shadowhorn

Hey guys! Shadowhorn here. Today's the Tales of the Spiral 10 Year Anniversary!!!
It's been an incredible journey and I appreciate you coming on it with me. Everything started here, in the Spiral, with you guys, and I will never forget that. 

I recorded... a quick video this morning with my thoughts on today so please check it out below!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this incredible community and for your support all these years.

Side Note: I had an anniversary stream this morning to celebrate and when trying to decide on what to play, nothing felt "right." I then was thinking of Wizard101 and decided that I had to play it because that is where everything started. I tried out the new PvP, did some house touring, went on a walk down memory lane with Edward Lifegem and had a grand time just reminiscing on my years with Wizard101.

Want to rewatch the stream? Watch it now.

The Party Completed

Alas, our celebrations have come to an end. PvP, Hide and Seek and dancing in the commons. I had a blast at my Eight Year Blogaversary + W101 Decaversary Party and I hope you did too!

The Party is Here!

Wizards of the Spiral! Grab your hats and robes because it's party time! The Tales of the Spiral Eight Year Blogaversary Party + Wizard101 Decaversary Party is finally here! Wow that's a mouth full.

Eight Years of Blogging - A Cause for Celebration

Eight years of Spiral blogging. Numerous new friendships. Plenty of parties. Tons of new site headers. Late night farm grinds galore. I think it's time to celebrate, don't you? Party time?

A Tale of the Spiral - The Return to Ravenwood

A tale of the spiral. An interesting journey these past 10 years have been. The Spiral has changed so much. Alas, like every young Wizard, I have returned to Ravenwood to continue my studies.