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July 28, 2012 Blaze Shadowhorn 6 Comments


You may be wondering why I am posting. Well simply put, I am coming back to the Spiral :D Exciting right? Truth is, I have missed all of you and Wizard101 sooooooooo much and every day I kept checking the blogs and updates to see how you all are. I just couldn't stay away and I realized that this is (close to) my family and I needed to be back. Now I may not be buying crowns like I used to and leveling up as much, but I am Level 62 as of now and I will level up as much as possible since I am way way WAY behind :P

Now one of the main things I wanted to talk to you guys about in my newest post back is about a new special fansite that has started up. This fansite is called Kingsisle Universe. It is unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen before. 
Kingsisle Universe

Kingsisle Universe is a fansite created by wizards and pirates of the Wizard101/Pirate101 Community. It contains a mass index of all things Wizard101. Soon, it will have all things about Pirate101. Their goal is to bring you a great experience on a online community full of wizards and pirates alike. They are a dedicated staff wishing to help out anyone's needs. You'll be able to find guides, news information, schools, classes, spells, and attack cards for both games. Kingsisle Universe will provide a safe and secure site for both kids, teens, and adults. 

Kingsisle Universe offers two sections, Wizard101 Insider and Pirate101 Voyager.

On Wizard101 Insider, a wizard will be able to find updates of the game, test realm information, guides, worlds, questlines, items, hoard information and discussion, and much more. Pirate101 Voyager has all that to offer and more for the new Pirates. You'll be able to find your classes, the crew members, and Armada updates, too! The dedicated staff works hard to keep everyone updated, no matter what corner of the Spiral they venture in.

"Kingsisle Universe would like to verify we do not speak on behalf of Kingsisle. We are just a fansite created by wizards and pirates. We chose our name because it was a general topic name for our site. This way we could include Wizard101 and Pirate101 with ease.Members need to know that we are not an official Kingsisle Fansite/Blog. "
How does that sound!? I think KU is off to a great start so far and I am sure it will do very big things in the coming future. I am also very involved with the KU website as I am one of the administrators. I do many administrator type things such as monitor the website, handle the layout, and edit pages etc. I think it would be a great place for any young Wizard or Pirate to come and enjoy because it really is an amazing website that will get bigger and better with the help of our growing community. I highly suggest you go check it out and become a member :) So what are you waiting for? Go spread the word! You can check it out at http://www.kingsisleuniverse.com and don't forget to spread the word to all your friends :)
You can check out my profile here

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in the Spiral :)
-Blaze Shadowhorn

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  1. HELLOOOOOO Blaze!!!
    Ah, I knew you would be back! What a great way to start my morning, knowing it! Thanks so much for mentioning KU, it means so much to all of us. Welcome back.

    1. Thanks Des :) It's great to be back and I am so glad to be apart of the KU staff :)

  2. I missed you blaze. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD

  3. Welcome back! Its good to see you in the spiral again. Man i really should check the internet more often that way I would have known sooner. Well see you in the spiral!

    1. Thanks Aaron :) It's great to be back :)

      See you in the Spiral! :D


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