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September 29, 2018 Shadowhorn 5 Comments

Wizards of the Spiral! Grab your hats and robes because it's party time! The Tales of the Spiral Eight Year Blogaversary Party + Wizard101 Decaversary Party is finally here! Wow that's a mouth full.

As you may recall, September 12th was our eight year blogaversary, a milestone I would have never thought we would hit. Along with this, Wizard101's decaversary has been sung throughout the Spiral for the month of September and I wanted it to go out with a bang!

Tomorrow, Sunday September 30th, I'm going to be hosting a party to celebrate both of these occasions in unison and I would love for you to join me.

Party Details (time, location, etc.)
 September 30th, 2018
Time: 1pm CST - 3pm CST (11am - 1pm for all of us west coast wizards)
Location: Wizard City Commons
Realm: Scarecrow
Area: 1
Port Bus: Blaze Shadowhorn | Fire | Level 2

I will be streaming the event live on my Twitch channel, where I'll have giveaways going all throughout the stream!

How Can I Win Prizes?
It's quite simple. There'll be a few things to do throughout the party.

Twitter Screenshot Contest 
Have a Twitter? Take some photos of you having fun at the party, upload them to twitter, tag me (@Shadowhorn) in your tweet along with using the hashtag #TotSTurns8 and I'll pick a winner to receive 1,000 crowns courtesy of KingsIsle!

Everyone's favorite mini-games will be available throughout the party! Four winners will receive a hoard pack of their choosing and one lucky winner will receive 1,000 crowns! The crowns games will be the last mini-game round played. All rounds with prizes available will be announced in-game.

Twitch Stream Giveaways
Want a chance at winning 1,000 crowns just for watching the stream? Sweet! Having you here celebrating with me is a blessing in itself and so I want to treat you guys for all of your support and for being awesome. I'll randomly be picking people who are both following and watching the stream to win 1,000 crowns courtesy of KingsIsle. I have two codes for this. I will also drop some hoard packs and maybe a few other goodies (O_o) in chat depending on how the stream goes.

Comment on This Post
This you can do right now! Leave a comment on this post saying what your most fond memory of Wizard101 is or why you love the game and I'll pick a comment to win 1,000 crowns!

Where Will the Party Be? PvP? Gauntlets?
The party will take place at my Sultan's Palace. If you have ever attended  one of my parties, you will recognize it immediately. There will be PvP, I do have a Shinobi Dojo gauntlet set up by the lake for you all to enjoy as well.

I hope you guys are as excited for the party as I am because I can't wait to celebrate with you all and I hope to see you tomorrow!

See you in the Spiral,


  1. My most fond memory of Wizard101 is waiting for Celestia to drop! I was rushing to catch up and level to 50, and just made it the day before Celestia was released. I had no xp bar for a day then back to questing!

    1. Thanks again for sharing your memory, Battlesprite! I hope you enjoy your 1,000 crowns! ^__^

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  3. My fondest memory of Wizard101 is leveling up to 18 in gardening! It has taken me forever to get to this point, but I am so proud of myself. :)

    1. Congratulations, Winterberry93. You won! Please either contact me on Twitter or email me at shadowhorn(at)talesofthespiral(dot)com to claim your 1,000 crowns.

      Thanks again for your support!


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