~Blaze Myth In Marleybone?~

April 26, 2011 Blaze Shadowhorn 0 Comments

Oh how time flies.... Last I remember my Storm was in Marleybone... Anywayssss, if you haven't figured out from the title, my myth wiz got into Marleybone! He has beaten all of Krokosphinx and he is in Scotland Yard Roof now. The amazing part is he accomplished all of it in 1 day!!! Isn't that incredible!!! He has also been doing a lot of leveling up. He leveled up from level 25-33 in 2 days!!! He was level 30 when he was doing Temple of Storms haha xD  I decided to hold off on the getting the Stun spell at level 28 until he was level 33 so he had Minotaur. It was actually a surprisingly easy battle xD


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